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Come on, self, are we seriously falling into a "12 hours sleep-36 hours awake" pattern? This is terrible and you know it. On the bright side, I'm much more sociable when I haven't slept in 30 hours or so. Less restrained, more inclined to casually insult people in a friendly way. Also to ironically pretend like I'm someone whose opinion matters (and thus highlight how that isn't the case at all). Who knows, maybe I'm more likable this way. I talk more.

But hey what I'm here to write about is something I haven't brought up in a while: Vocaloids. Specifically a recent concert put on by Vocaloid featuring Hatsune Miku and co., or rather holograms of them. I am torn between being impressed out of my mind and being giddy with excitement at the idea that holograms are this awesome. I went into this expecting to feel some sadness at humanity, but one line from the The Escapist article prevented it.

"I'm not sure how I feel about all of this. While I appreciate that the technology is somewhat amazing, especially the combination 3D holograms, with a software voice and live musicians. Hatsune Miku is clearly popular, judging by the hundreds of adoring fans in these videos, so there must be a place for a fake popstar."

Once more,
"there must be a place for a fake popstar"

hahahahaha oh goodness me. It's called POP MUSIC. That is the place where fake people grow and flourish. Are raised and flourish. At least with Vocaloids, there's no deception involved. Miku is fake. She has a giant bobbly anime head with big goobly eyes and no one thinks otherwise.

The most exciting thing, though, is that she blurs. The future is here, and it's everything we hoped for. Check out when she starts running around at about 22" here. Just like all the dorky sci-fi predicted! So magical.

Oh gosh they even used the Disappearance of Hatsune Miku to considerable effect. I expected to be disappointed until the end. I was hoping for them to really take advantage of the fact that here was a song about a program being corrupted being performed by a program that is being projected into the real world, and in the end they did. But not until then. I was hoping for glitches to show up throughout the song and stuff, but man it was satisfying the way things worked out.

What's really fascinating is seeing the crowd respond to the performances. Part of it must be for the sake of the other performers-the percussionists, the guitarist, etc. Part of it must be for the producers, the technicians, for everyone whose work goes into it. But the hushes in Kokoro... those are for the performer. For the symbol of a person that's been put on stage as the focal point, that represents the source of the music they hear without actually being it. Ha, but once again, I just described your standard pop performer anyway, so maybe Vocaloids aren't such a big change anyway.

Anyway, I think this is cool and everyone should think so too.

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