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Hehe, Valentine's day art! There is so much Valentine's day art in the Homestuck fandom. Now that I am done being uncharacteristically irritable (seriously what was up with that? jeeze), I love it all in embarrassingly childish ways. Is this seriously what people have been doing in fandoms all these years? I've always kind of stayed on the edge and enjoyed the show, but mostly didn't care. But wow okay I'm sorry but I guess I can say that I can get weird happy feelings from seeing all this cute happy art!


So uh, happy Valentine's Day! Go get cheap chocolate tomorrow, guys!

Um, I started drawing something nice but then I got bored and did it all on like two layers, and it stopped being nice when it started being Karkat yelling "Fuck!" and throwing his arms up in melodramatic disgust. The nice thing about Homestuck is that I don't feel as insecure about drawing terrible things because I can just pretend like I meant to do it like that. I even go through some very real effort to make it look appropriate. Rough edges and stuff. Except I'm actually pretty terrible at this specific brand of incredibly sloppy, so I think that I am exploring new avenues of awful. I took a right turn at Neckless Street, bumped into Hands Crescent, and finally went for a joyride down Apathy Boulevard where it crossed Background Lane and crashed dead on into the lazy tree. Now I'm passed out and broken, waiting for the life to slowly drain from this body that's just lying there all sprawled out and bleeding incredibly shitty pictures all over my friends' list.

Okay seriously I tried to make the dialogue something nice or witty but nothing was quite as succinct as what I ended up with. So here is my half-hearted (hehe) attempt at a Valentine's thing concealed behind a cut so you don't have to look at it if you don't feel like seeing a picture hacked out in a few minutes with minimal effort. Marvel as I obfuscate my flaws with one hand and describe exactly what I'm doing with the other. Presumably the other has two eyes drawn on in and likely a tongue on the thumb or something, and I'm moving it to imitate speech motions as I speak aloud. The point is that this is a fairly regular thing for me. I cannot resist the urge to explain jokes, and this "taking refuge in apathy" is kind of a funny thing that I frequently do. Uhhh my lazy picture is behind the cut.


Someday I am going to come back to these entries and want to smack myself for abandoning all form and writing entirely string of consciousness. This is not a good way to convey ideas, what's wrong with me. And when did grammar become the enemy I hope this phase passes soon.

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