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tl;dr: borrowed laptop. that's all that really matters.

Okay um, because I know you were all on the edge of your seats worrying about my computer woes, I'm borrowing [profile] liquidbiohazard's old laptop until mine is done being complete garbage. It is a mac, so it's kind of stupefying, but I think overall it is probably a good thing to have an opportunity to get my claws into a new operating system and figure out its quirks and all that. It's actually kind of awesome. Although geeze, Sarah, you don't even have ad block plus on this thing, what's up with that? You're going to get embedded advertising malware which does exist for macs no matter how rare it is. Umm, so I'm going to add it to the short list of add-ons that you said it was okay to download. Just for the record, I guess. I could leave it when I'm done with the thing, if you want? If not, then uh I'll just kill it with the rest of the garbage I download. It is probably not a thing that matters very much at all.

And uh, thanks again, by the way.

...Wow okay there used to be three more paragraphs but something dreadful happened between the post button and the part where you actually get to read what I wrote. It involved every word being surrounded by = signs and " marks, and I don't want to go through half an hour of correcting it because geeze what's up with that, what a pain. It wasn't important anyway, just my typical wordvomit and rambling metaphors (which I am finding increasingly amusing and conductive to rendering everything I say as illegible as my handwriting is).

I am also kind of digging her music collection, which I asked if I could snoop through because man, music is personal, okay? I am not the sort to go rooting through this stuff casually. I have found some that I love and some that I do not! I like that you have the Fantastic Mr. Fox soundtrack because seriously I listen to that on YouTube sometimes, seriously it is like having sex in my ears. And I am kind of getting educated on bands that people actually listen to instead of my typical fare of, I don't know, synthesized Japanese voices and baroque. Speaking of baroque, did you know that one of Mozart's Horn Concertos plays in a scene in Fantastic Mr. Fox? It is when some human or other is in a security room with all the screens and whatnot. I've actually played that very song, so I thought it was pretty awesome. And kind of interesting.

Wow okay pulling out of that rambling nose-dive of a paragraph, back to my ever-so-fascinating laptop adventures. Sarah also had the unfortunate foresight to invite me to mess with her Facebook account and the like, completely robbing it of any fun whatsoever however sarcastic the invitation may have been. This, I think, is the biggest hazard that comes with being friends with someone you've dated. They already know how to utterly defeat you. WELL FINE, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE FACEBOOK ANYWAY, SO THERE. Also, apparently hijacking peoples' journals to make hurr durr goofy entries is perfectly acceptable good fun for everyone but digging through their music is not, great job on those priorities, self, that's not screwed up at all. I guess the difference is that I wouldn't actually be snooping, just impersonating. And not even impersonating so much as writing " i="I" am="AM" sarah="SARAH" and="AND" i="I" smell="SMELL" like="LIKE" butts"="BUTTS"" or="or" something="something" equally="equally" as="as" obvious.="obvious." i="I" don't="don't" know,="know," why="why" am="AM" i="I" even="even" trying="trying" to="to" justify="justify" a="a" hypothetical="hypothetical" prank="prank" that="that" i="I" probably="probably" wouldn't="wouldn't" have="have" even="even" thought="thought" of="of" if="if" she="she" hadn't="hadn't" mentioned="mentioned" it.="it." it's="It's" not="not" like="LIKE" i'd="I'd" have="have" known="known" she="she" was="was" logged="logged" in="in" to="to" facebook="Facebook" if="if" she="she" hadn't="hadn't" joked="joked" about="about" it,="it," and="AND" i've="I've" never="never" actually="actually" done="done" that="that" kind="kind" of="of" thing="thing" before="before" so="so" um.="um." wow="Wow" look="look" at="at" where="where" this="this" paragraph="paragraph" is="is" going!="going!" turns="Turns" out="out" it's="It's" not="not" a="a" thing="thing" i="I" was="was" talking="talking" about="about" at="at" all,="all," it's="It's" an="an" excessively="excessively" descriptive="descriptive" metaphor="metaphor" for="for" a="a" plane="plane" crashing="crashing" into="into" the="the" ground,="ground," which="which" is="is" a="a" thing="thing" that="that" i="I" have="have" reason="reason" to="to" talk="talk" about!="about!" the="the" perfect="perfect" cover="cover" story,="story," bless="bless" this="this" sharp="sharp" mind.="mind." but="But" hey,="hey," while="while" i'm="I'm" being="being" grossly="grossly" intrusive,="intrusive," let's="let's" go="go" all="all" the="the" way="way" and="AND" talk="talk" about="about" what="what" our="our" computers="computers" say="say" about="about" us.="us." me,="Me," i've="I've" crafted="crafted" my="my" very="very" own="own" labyrinth="labyrinth" of="of" folders="folders" with="with" misleading="misleading" or="or" self-referential="self-referential" names.="names." my="my" pokemon="pokemon" folder="folder" is="is" named="named" "there=""there" are="are" many="many" things="things" wrong="wrong" with="with" me",="me"," for="for" example.="example." or="or" uh,="uh," i="I" have="have" "awesome=""Awesome" party="Party" tricks"="Tricks"" which="which" is="is" full="full" of="of" cool="cool" miscellanea.="miscellanea." and="AND" then="then" there="there" are="are" weirder="weirder" things!="things!" like="LIKE" um,="um," pressing="pressing" the="the" insert="Insert" button="button" while="while" my="my" browser="browser" is="is" open="open" will="will" bring="bring" up="up" an="an" error="error" message="message" reading="reading" something="something" along="along" the="the" lines="lines" of="of" "nenio=""Nenio" tetsiu"="tetsiu"" which="which" is="is" not="not" any="any" real="real" language="language" at="at" all,="all," but="But" may="may" possibly="possibly" mean="mean" "nothing=""nothing" found"="found"" in="in" esperanta.="Esperanta." i'm="I'm" a="a" little="little" unclear="unclear" on="on" why="why" exactly="exactly" this="this" is="is" a="a" thing="thing" that="that" happens,="happens," but="But" i="I" like="LIKE" it.="it." my="my" computer="computer" is="is" a="a" mysterious="mysterious" slab="slab" that="that" i="I" could="could" not="not" hope="hope" to="to" comprehend,="comprehend," so="so" why="why" shouldn't="shouldn't" it="it" have="have" completely="completely" bizarre="bizarre" quirks="quirks" that="that" i="I" can't="can't" make="make" sense="sense" of?="of?" this="this" is="is" a="a" cool="cool" thing,="thing," and="AND" it="it" is="is" the="the" product="product" of="of" my="my" combined="combined" intentionality="intentionality" and="AND" natural="natural" attraction="attraction" to="to" disorganisation.="disorganisation." i="I" always="always" wanted="wanted" my="my" computer="computer" personalized="personalized" like="LIKE" that.="that." i="I" named="named" it="it" trap="Trap" for="for" a="a" big="big" bunch="bunch" of="of" reasons,="reasons," and="AND" that="that" is="is" one="one" of="of" them.="them." i'm="I'm" not="not" really="really" going="going" to="to" go="go" into="into" what="what" i="I" think="think" sarah's="Sarah's" computer="computer" says="says" about="about" her="her" because="because" i="I" think="think" it="it" would="would" be="be" kind="kind" of="of" rude,="rude," actually,="actually," and="AND" it="it" is="is" probably="probably" kind="kind" of="of" uncomfortable="uncomfortable" for="for" her="her" to="to" be="be" reading="reading" about="about" me="me" assessing="assessing" her="her" based="based" on="on" this!="this!" (and="(and" also="also" i="I" am="AM" not="not" actually="actually" rude="rude" enough="enough" to="to" go="go" digging="digging" through="through" this="this" thing,="thing," i="I" am="AM" only="only" using="using" the="the" internet,="internet," mostly.="mostly." this="this" is="is" all="all" inspired="inspired" by="by" the="the" thing="thing" that="that" pops="pops" up="up" when="when" you="you" open="open" a="a" new="new" tab="tab" which="which" has="has" shortcuts="shortcuts" to="to" all="all" of="of" your="your" most-used="most-used" sites="sites" and="AND" stuff)="stuff)" but="But" i="I" kind="kind" of="of" wonder="wonder" if="if" i'm="I'm" the="the" only="only" person="person" whose="whose" computers="computers" really="really" reflect="reflect" them?="them?" i="I" mean,="mean," it's="It's" pretty="pretty" much="much" an="an" adage="adage" that="that" peoples'="peoples'" workspaces="workspaces" reflect="reflect" their="their" personalities.="personalities." and="AND" um,="um," i="I" think="think" that="that" i'm="I'm" probably="probably" way="way" too="too" straight-forward="straight-forward" to="to" be="be" really="really" properly="properly" represented="represented" by="by" the="the" ridiculous,="ridiculous," inconvenient="inconvenient" maze="maze" that="that" i="I" turned="turned" my="my" computer="computer" into,="into," but="But" in="in" other="other" ways="ways" i="I" think="think" it="it" must="must" say="say" a="a" lot="lot" about="about" me!="me!" but="But" maybe="maybe" not="not" a="a" lot="lot" that="that" you="you" could="could" actually="actually" make="make" sense="sense" of="of" without="without" knowing="knowing" me="me" already,="already," maybe.="maybe." um,="um," i="I" don't="don't" know.="know." it="it" would="would" be="be" interesting="interesting" and="AND" embarrassing="embarrassing" to="to" see="see" my="my" most-used="most-used" sites="sites" laid="laid" out="out" for="for" all="all" to="to" see="see" like="LIKE" that,="that," probably,="probably," because="because" it="it" would="would" probably="probably" mostly="mostly" focus="focus" on="on" places="places" revolving="revolving" around="around" either="either" complete="complete" anonymity="anonymity" or="or" only="only" the="the" most="most" transient="transient" of="of" identities.="identities." gosh="GOSH" could="could" this="this" be="be" social="SOCIAL" anxiety="ANXIETY" disorder="DISORDER" manifesting="MANIFESTING" in="in" my="my" browsing="BROWSING" habits,="HABITS," i="I" don't="don't" know="KNOW" (i="(I" have="have" that,="that," by="by" the="the" way;="way;" i="I" forget="forget" if="if" i="I" ever="ever" mentioned).="mentioned)." in="in" other="other" news,="news," tangentially="tangentially" related="related" at="at" best,="best," i="I" played="played" some="some" of="of" persona="Persona" 3="3" when="when" i="I" realized="realized" that="that" my="my" entire="entire" life="life" revolves="revolves" around="around" having="having" internet="internet" access,="access," which="which" i="I" was="was" desperately="desperately" lacking.="lacking." and="AND" um,="um," i="I" am="AM" pretty="pretty" sure="sure" that="that" the="the" protagonist="protagonist" is="is" a="a" huge="HUGE" bitch="BITCH" (bluh="(BLUH" bluh).="BLUH)." seriously,="Seriously," i="I" am="AM" the="the" most="most" manipulative,="manipulative," insincere="insincere" douchebag="douchebag" in="in" existence.="existence." i="I" don't="don't" even="even" like="LIKE" most="most" of="of" these="these" people!="people!" i'm="I'm" just="just" using="using" them="them" to="to" power="power" up="up" my="my" personas.="Personas." it="it" is="is" horrible="horrible" because="because" i="I" can="can" already="already" tell="tell" that="that" they're="they're" going="going" to="to" spill="spill" their="their" teenage="teenage" guts="guts" to="to" me="me" and="AND" i'm="I'm" going="going" to="to" swallow="swallow" it="it" all="all" up,="up," all="all" the="the" while="while" thinking="thinking" "score,=""score," social="SOCIAL" link="Link" rank="rank" up!"="up!"" and="AND" then="then" just="just" toss="toss" out="out" some="some" advice,="advice," maybe,="maybe," just="just" so="so" it="it" seems="seems" like="LIKE" i'm="I'm" paying="paying" attention.="attention." so="so" there's="there's" that. I actually kind of want to roleplay the guy that way, a cold but very stable guy who goes out of his way to make friends and root into peoples' business, but only because it benefits himself. Because emotionally healthy characters apparently aren't things that I can write well at all, not unless they're completely obnoxious in some other way. Which is why the whole Quatre Winner thing was a complete bust.

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