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Guhhh, what kind of incredibly shitty biologist can't even keep his venus flytrap alive for one stupid year. Some kind of white mould got it while it was hibernating in my stupid fridge, and I am stupid, stupid, stupid for not noticing until it was too late. And by "too late" I mean probably at least a week and a half after all hope of effectively dealing with the problem had passed.

On the bright side, I now have
a jar of mould, which is pretty cool even though it makes my room smell kind of musty. Which I don't find unpleasant, actually, but which people who don't spend time up to their elbows in worse than it might find kind of gross. WHATEVER. Will it produce sclerotia? Can I diagnose it with my limited experience? There are a lot of white moulds out there, and it could be anything from anywhere! ...It's probably just boring Penicillium,, though, and even though I don't have any kind of propensity for breathing problems or allergic reactions to moulds, it might not be. um. strictly healthy. To keep around, just pumping out those spores into the air.

It's possible--just possible--that I have problems with admitting when I need to throw things out. Um. Cool as fungi are. And relevant. Or maybe I just want to keep it around as a transparent and humiliating vehicle for self-punishment because I'm mad at myself for killing an awesome plant, but that would be just plain unlike me, gosh. Much more probable that I just love fungus.

Yeah, umm, I'll throw it out tomorrow.