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So hey, quick state of the nation: I'm living at home for the summer, working the museum beat with filing at the clinic filling my free time. Looking forward to an election for the first time in my life, even though I'm betting that nothing will change. I will a little upset if the first Canadian government to ever be held in contempt of Parliament wins a majority only a few months later! And also I kind of think that Tory policies are generally pretty not awesome, especially when they have to do with going prorogue and putting the good of their party over the nation, their bizarre hatred of statistics, and being otherwise unpleasant in time-wasting ways.

Of course I don't really know which party I actually do support, so I guess I need to sort that out probably. I can't shake the belief that any other party would be just as bad in their own way, so we need a minority government in order for them to balance each other out (and also fail to accomplish anything in a timely manner, but no change is better than negative changes as far as I'm concerned).

Also hey, my sister bought me a paid LJ account, which is exciting! I promptly realized that I have no idea what real people use for icons. My first instinct was to just upload a big pile of super jittery gifs because I hate my eyes and everyone else's, but I guess I ended up just dumping neat icons all over the place and if I find something better I can always go ahead and change things up. I don't even know when this thing expires. I don't even know how to know when this thing expires. But that's cool, I am okay with a bit of unpredictability.

Joined [community profile] entanglement_rp as Tavros. He is being adopted by a genetically modified robodolphin from a sci-fi novel, so that's pretty much every kind of awesome. I am lone canon warrioring it up in there, so uh if anyone feels like dumping a HS kid or troll in there, that would be pretty cool. It is not a big thing, either, though; playing him on his own is fun enough as it is so far. I think I am not very good at it yet, but I will get used to it eventually.

Elsewhere, I had a terrible rap-off, roleplayed a moving duet between Gamzee and Tavros, and somehow convinced a Karkat to tell Tavros a bedtime story. I will probably copy/paste some excerpts and things some time because it was kind of fun and hilarious.

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