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tl;dr: borrowed laptop. that's all that really matters. Mar. 3rd, 2011 @ 05:21 pm
Okay um, because I know you were all on the edge of your seats worrying about my computer woes, I'm borrowing [profile] liquidbiohazard's old laptop until mine is done being complete garbage. It is a mac, so it's kind of stupefying, but I think overall it is probably a good thing to have an opportunity to get my claws into a new operating system and figure out its quirks and all that. It's actually kind of awesome. Although geeze, Sarah, you don't even have ad block plus on this thing, what's up with that? You're going to get embedded advertising malware which does exist for macs no matter how rare it is. Umm, so I'm going to add it to the short list of add-ons that you said it was okay to download. Just for the record, I guess. I could leave it when I'm done with the thing, if you want? If not, then uh I'll just kill it with the rest of the garbage I download. It is probably not a thing that matters very much at all.

And uh, thanks again, by the way.

...Wow okay there used to be three more paragraphs but something dreadful happened between the post button and the part where you actually get to read what I wrote. It involved every word being surrounded by = signs and " marks, and I don't want to go through half an hour of correcting it because geeze what's up with that, what a pain. It wasn't important anyway, just my typical wordvomit and rambling metaphors (which I am finding increasingly amusing and conductive to rendering everything I say as illegible as my handwriting is).

actually here it is behind the cut just so you can see how painful it is )

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woo just being pretentious don't mind me Jan. 8th, 2010 @ 08:22 pm
Agh, I swear I'm just a death sentence for computers or something. :< My brand new Gateway died right in the middle of my studying for finals, and they won't fix it on location because Acer demands that all warranties within a year of purchase be sent to them. aaaaagh

FORTUNATELY I STILL HAVE [livejournal.com profile] couldbesunshine'S OLD COMPUTER WITH PIECES FALLING OFF OF IT, RIGHT? So I can just use that for the next eight million years until Trap is taken care of. :I

And someone bought my Mewtwo at DDD a paid account at Christmas, too! I NEED MY ICONS. I HAVE 50+ MEWTWO ICONS ON THAT COMPUTER AND I CAN'T EVEN TOUCH THEM. Angst. So hey, if anyone knows where I can find a handful of those, let me know. :< Anon probably already feels like I don't care because I didn't post a thank you until the fourth of January, let's not make it any worse!

Also on my computer were the links to things I wanted to write about. I've been reading up on online video game culture, such as it is. Reading blogs like Cruise Elroy which I adore for its insight into the music behind video games and intelligent discussion, The Brainy Gamer, Sexy Videogameland, and a handful more whose urls I can't remember. I've also been watching videos related to the medium, from Zero Punctuation to kirithem's short analyses of issues in videogames. I've already read plenty of video game webcomics, but there's no doubt that Penny Arcade is the single most influential of them and perhaps the most influential video game blog on the internet. What I was looking for was an insightful analysis of video games as a legitimate medium of expression (or dare I say art) instead of a fun waste of time. I found it many times over, and each of them was as provocative as I hoped they would be. I certainly don't agree with everything I read and heard, but the fact that the subject is being considered is important.

I'm going to hold off on going into depth about anything until I have my links in front of me, but I'd like to pose a question to each of you: do you have anything not listed here that you think is relevant? You don't necessarily need to agree with the commentary, so long as it's legitimate and somewhat coherent.

Much appreciated, ladies and gents!

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Jun. 7th, 2009 @ 09:47 pm
aaaaaugh my computer. Now it doesn't know it has a touchpad. A touchpad. PI. PI THAT IS BUILT INTO YOU. YOU CAN DO THIS. But I don't even know why it was a surprise. He's been doing that with the speakers for about half a year now.

I think I need a new computer. A friend suggested that it might be a virus so I had McAfee scan the hard drive. It made it to about 70 percent before the computer (as it has been prone to do lately) and it froze up completely. I had to restart it.

I apparently need a new computer. One that's not an Acer.

In the meantime, I'm using my sister's old laptop and it feels really weird. JEN JEN DOES THIS COMPUTER HAVE A NAME? IS IT A BOYDUDE OR A GIRLDUDE? COME ON YOU HAVE TO HAVE NAMED IT.


WHAT THE DEVIL DID YOU DO TO THIS KEYBOARD? IT IS ALL MASHED UP. HALF THE TIME THE 'U' DOESN'T EVEN WORK. The up button is even worse why is it inside-out, jen, why?

But it's still better than Pi. Sob. A song for his memory. "Compressed farewell song" indeed.

Hey, I discovered some little group that no one's ever heard of called Simon & Garfunkel hurrr :B But I really like their stuff. Uh, a couple of my favourites: At the Zoo
7 O'Clock News
And naturally The Sound of Silence, I am a Rock, Scarborough Fair and more. :B

I just found out that the free wireless that for some reason we have downtown connects to the internet. I can dick around the internet when work is slow if I bring my laptop! I could anyway because the computers there have internet access but it somehow feels sleazy to use work computers to slack off, I don't know.

I worked a little on that essay I was thinking about regarding my weird morals when it comes to downloading, but it needs to be completely reworked. It rambles like a fairy-tale path, if you get my meaning.

Oh! And back to Vocaloids for a moment! The newest in the series is Luca, and she is equipped to sing in English. Here, check these fella's out:

Since we're on the topic of Simon and Garfunkel, Scarborough Fair
Video Killed the Radio Star
It Don't Mean A Thing I have been on such a jazz kick lately, it's kind of unusual.

Man I love those hollow soulless voices. :3

ALSO I've figured out where all of the intelligent commenters on YouTube are hiding! Opera videos! Here, Niun mi tema performed by Jon Vickers. This guy is from my hometown, dudes! He's one of our half-dozen people who lived here to ever be famous. CHECK OUT THE COMMENTS! IT IS SURREAL.

uh i'm abot done now.

Gdit this keyboard is going to make typing a pain. :v

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BOOO ACER HISSSSS Apr. 28th, 2009 @ 02:49 am
First of all, ignore this bit: [this is just so I remember to bookmark this when I get access to Pi again.]

Aaaaaaugh my laptop is mostly useless. I'm going to need to get it repaired- Mom thinks I should just get a new one, but I am really cautious of that kind of thinking. Laptops shouldn't be disposable.

Seriously, guys, never get Acer laptops. Eventually the bit where the power cord plugs in to do things like charge the battery or keep your laptop alive while your battery is dead will STOP WORKING and then it'll tell you it's taking power from the wall instead of the battery... until your computer shuts off with absolutely no warning. OOPS LOL I WAS DRAINING YOUR BATTERY SURPRISE~!

And then, as soon as there's no power running through it? It'll start charging again and you're good for another hourish before your unpredictable battery MAY OR MAY NOT start draining itself while telling you it is fine.


I'm home now, in Prince Albert. It doesn't look like I got the job up at Waskesiu, so I'm going to throw some resumes around here. If there's nothing nice looking here, I'll give the lake another try. I've got a friend or two up there and at least one cousin.

I've apparently become very territorial while I was away, especially regarding my internet use. Very inconvenient, especially considering that half the time Pi (my laptop) has no charge to it. I need to do all of my internetting after everyone else has gone to bed... grrgh.

Also I forgot how irritating my family is; I love them.

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