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Feb. 15th, 2011 @ 03:38 am
According to the timestamps on deviantart, I told my friend Nicole about Homestuck one day ago. Which isn't very specific, but okay.

Six hours ago, she called me and told me she was outside my dorm. With Gushers by Betty Crocker. And then we had a tea party at her residence with popcorn and gushers and a few of the people who live there.

I expect that she'll be finished reading Homestuck by the end of the week, and then we can hang out and discuss all the plot twists! All of them!!!!!!!! Also I had to tell her what shipping was so that she'd be prepared for Nepeta. It is so funny when people don't know internet things like that! I bet she doesn't get the jokes about furries even a little bit.

Oh man I wish I could see the look on her face when she sees Equius' hive for the first time, hehe. I am totally missing out!

The moral of the story is that I have a refreshed appreciation for my friends who do these kinds of things for me. Valentine's Day and romance and all that is great, sure, but I think the best kind of relationship is still friendship.

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errantAverter: Feb. 1st, 2011 @ 04:56 am
SO UH I RECENTLY STARTED READING HOMESTUCK AGAIN. I called it quits when the trolls were first introduced because I ReAlLy cOuLdN'T DeAl wItH ReAdInG ThIs, GeEzE cOmE oN gAmZeE but then I guess I steeled myself and started over from the beginning a while ago. I had to. it is a very good story. I finished it just recently and I have been yammering about it to anyone who will listen ever since.

Trying to explain its plot would be kind of hellish for both me and you, so uh here, someone else summed it up well enough on anoncomm recently: "Like people have said, it's about a group of kids who play a video game that lets them manipulate each others' environments -- think Sims, but instead of building houses for little imaginary people, you're building houses for your neighbor and watching the construction out your window. Turns out the game plays a role in the end of the world, through time travel and alternate realities and the like. I'll say more about it if you want me to, it's a pretty fun story to explain."

It is really good and worth reading ....although people who aren't complete dorks and intrigued by weird terminology and game mechanics apparently find the first act or two kind of dull while the readers are trying to figure things out? NOT ME, THOUGH.

wow okay uh off topic. Let's do this again. Early on while everything was being set up, the author took suggestions for what actions his characters would make which is pretty much the coolest thing ever.* But then when the story started rolling, he closed suggestions and just let things work their course. And it has been frigging awesome.

geeze wow do I ever meander. I will have to revisit this topic because I apparently have a million things to say about it, but my point here is just that I want to jot down something entertaining. I was talking about how the trolls type to my sister and Scott, and he asked me if I had any typing quirks.

And I said, "uh."
And then I said, "uhhh, I guess my uhs" because (although I usually don't post them on my journal because I'm a stuffed shirt on my own turf) I do tend to spam them in instant messangers, texts, et cetera.
It turns out that he had a typing quirk as well, one no less obnoxious than any of the trolls when he used to muck around in chats and stuff. After every line of writing he would add a question mark on its own.

So in theory us talking would be like:
eibborn: uhhh Hi Scott.
Scott: Hello
Scott: ?
eibborn: What's up?
eibborn: Are you doing anything tonight?
Scott: No, I don't have any plans
Scott: ?
eibborn: Oh, uh
eibborn: you should invite me over so we can play with my new Wii or something.†
Scott: That was incredibly subtle
Scott: ?
Jen: Am I not invited? You guys hate me!!
eibborn: Jen you live with Scott
eibborn: it uh kind of goes without saying

My sister types with two exclamation marks. She has done so without fail for years. It is a PRETTY TAME QUIRK but I guess it will have to do. The point is that apparently real people do kind of type a little bit like the characters in the comic do! I guess we're all more similar to the human characters, though, which probably makes buttloads of sense.

Okay, so mostly I wanted to write about this before I forgot. I am going to make fun of the addicting powers of Homestuck another time for sure, though, because it is kind of pathetic how addicting it is. Seriously people have designed 1) a program that checks the site for updates every minute =2) an IM client that is based on the one used in the comic (that I love very much. IT LETS ME USE WHATEVER EMOTICONS I WANT. MY :)S REMAIN :)S INSTEAD OF BEING HIJACKED BY HIDEOUS YELLOW TERRORISTS AND CRASHED INTO MY UNPREPARED SENTENCES) and 3) its own record label. Seriously, what kind of webcomic has stuff like that? A very good webcomic, that's what.

also, I finally got a proper mood theme. I liked the old one because it was so comically easy to avoid saying anything about your actual mood, but homestuck won out over my usual contrariness in the end.

*I always meant to write about TGchan, which has a lot of stories like that, but it's embarrassing because half the quests are furries furrying it up and the entire place is stagnant so I probably won't ever. I don't even go there anymore. I can dig furries as long as they don't furry too furrily up in my grill if you catch my meaning, but the place is stifling. It feels like every quest gets the same suggestions, which is too bad because it's a really neat way of telling a story!


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Sep. 29th, 2009 @ 12:26 pm
Hooray, I'm being a far better student this year! I wonder if it'll actually make a difference. I guess I'll see.

Ha, I should never let myself get comfortable with anyone ever, though. Apparently I'm still just as much of an imp as I was a decade ago, just in a more subtle way. Now Taylor and Katherine are probably assuming that I've asked my friend Martina out at some point just because I let the topic drift when they told me about their theory instead of just denying it. |B ENJOY YOUR INCORRECT ASSUMPTIONS HA HA i'm the worst friend ever.

And I'm practically a war criminal, too! In the past several weeks I have drugged, sexually assaulted, and gassed fruit flies en masse. IT IS A LITTLE DISTURBING but such is the life of a bio major, I guess. Still, it's uncomfortable for me to treat a living thing like it's that insignificant, even if it kind of is.

Man, I'm so boring lately. Have some music: Revolution by Kagamine Rin and Len and Quand Nina est Saoule by OURS. Uh, and Rain by Yoko Kanno is pretty awesome. I've kind of fallen in love with Yoko Kanno lately.

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So. I have a friend named Scott who is a vegan. He is pretty awesome, but there is something dreadfully wrong: he doesn't like vegetables very much at all! Obviously he will wither away and die of his hair and fingernails falling off if nothing is done! So, for his own good, I aim to spread the word about the benefits of delicious vegetables to all the world! And how better to convince someone... than by song?

Some people who recommend healthy eating:

Cookie Monster!

Hatsune Miku!

Charlotte and Fiends!

And don't be like Big Bunny or Laurence Chesterfield! Terrible things happen if you don't eat well!

Aaand for you vegetarians in the audience, always remember the benefits of eggs!

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Aug. 16th, 2008 @ 08:54 pm
See, I should definitely write every two or three days. Things happened, and I can scarcely remember them! [Bad username or site: fuggetlenseqghio2[w43etgeOhscrewthis @ livejournal.com] BETH came and visited me on Thuuuursday, which was awesome because she is one of my closest and oldest friends and always will be forever and ever so there.

Lets try that again; apparently I'm in an incoherent mood.

Beth came and visited! She brought Hannah, who I don't know very well (but I do like) and they spent the night because they had to bus out from S'toon VERY VERY early in the morning. She'll be back on Monday, too! And on Friday, my grandparents came into town and bought me lunch at work, then later we went out and did stuff with my sister. Then they had to go so Jen, Scott and I went to Boston Pizza for supper. :D After all of this seeing people, it is nice to relax for a day or so!

Uhhhh what else have I been doing? I had so much to write about!

Oh! I finished Tender Is The Night on Friday. It was... interesting. Good, of course. I'm sure that I wouldn't have understood it half as well if I hadn't just broken up with Sarah. IT WAS MY DESTINY TO UNDERSTAND THIS BOOK. It was actually pretty cathartic. I am by no means half as likable as Dr. Diver, but I couldn't help but notice a handful of parallels in the book to my recently ended relationship. Toward the end- at the point at which you know that its over, but there's nothing to really boot it over the edge. I'm definitely getting myself in trouble, here. Hee.

Speaking of the breakup, I was really surprised at first by my grandma's response to the news, although I shouldn't have been, knowing her.
"Good," she said. It's not that she dislikes Sarah (SHE DOESN'T, SARAH. I SWEAR). It's that she thinks that I'm too young to miss out on experiencing other things, other people. She really is an exceptional person, and maybe she's right. For both of us.


Also, the translation of BN4 is noticeably more clumsy than that of BN3. It's too bad, really! But still fun.

Tum tum tum, what else. I'm sad that the Pokemon RP I'm in dieeed. I had such plans for Emira! I'm thinking of moving her over to [livejournal.com profile] pokedressing, which accepts OCs. She'd be madly out of place, but oh well! It's just a crack-community anyway.

I've been collecting quotes, recently. I like quotes! But it's really unsatisfying t-WAS THAT THUNDER? AWESOME! I HAD NO IDEA WE HAD A STORM BREWING!-o just rip them out of a book of quotes. Context is so important. It's inspired by a few different sources- Watership Down starts every chapter with a quote. Mrs. Who* speaks almost solely in -LIGHTNING WOOO- quotations. Other... books... there's another book or series that is important to me that does the same as Watership Down, but I can't remember what it is at the moment! But these are all reasons! I've been writing the quotes down in my little book that I take everywhere and I will always have them on hand. Quotes that are too large to get down just get bookmarked.

Only one week left at Sobeys! Thank god! Bizarrely-Nice-Guy definitely thinks I hate him, though. I'm awful at that job, even when I'm medicated.


Have a quote.

"He stayed in the big room a long time listening to the buzz of the electric clock, listening to time."

-Tender Is The Night, by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Tch. They all lose so much to a lack of context. But this line really did jump out at me.
Have something from my Latin text, as well.

"vitia erunt donec homines."


Or, in English, "While there are humans, there will be faults." It's rather obvious, I suppose.

*No relation to the Doctor. Althoooough...

Homigawd! Aug. 10th, 2008 @ 11:27 pm

Will and Josh came and visited today! (These are friends from my home city, for those of you who don't know me / them in real life.) It's a good thing that my work today went from 8-5, because that gave us all evening to do stuff. We went out for ice cream and played Super Smash Bros and Mega Man! XD They helped me get to Dr. Wiley, and I will beat the old geezer in a matter of days, I am sure of it!

XD You know how a post or two ago I said, 'just call a day hour or two ahead of time?' This was more like fifteen minutes. It rocked. I am so glad that people are moving to this city for the start of next term! Then I'll be able to do this more often! XD My day was made! I am using exclamation marks excessively!

Oh, I handed in my two weeks' notice at Sobeys. My last day will be the 24th, and then I'll have time to start slacking off before university gets going. I am more sad about this than I should be, to be honest.

Started Megaman BN4 the other day- wow, it is weird to not have all of my battlechips from the previous game! :O But I'm rebuilding my collection! I like that in this game, you can actually fight ordinary Navi's, who use some of the same moves that you do.

EDIT: PS. XD Haha, for the record, I would totally be forgetting that the Olympics are on if it weren't for me making D:< faces every time that I hear about China twisting its way into censoring foreign broadcasts. I know that I will never be able to think of this Olympics without remembering that! Can you tell I don't care much for sports?

RETURN OF THE EDIT: Back to Megaman, I totally 'aww,' that Lan has a picture of himself and Hub in his room, as well as a picture of his grandpa. And is that Bass in the poster on the wall of Higsby's shop? I THINK SOOOO! :D HI BASS!

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Friends and a Lack of Self Control Aug. 9th, 2008 @ 06:45 pm
Today was made awesome by my running into some of my old friends during my lunch break. They were in town for the purpose of picking up Melissa's FIANCE from the airport. ALECIA DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME? Oh lordy, someone who I went to school with is engaged to be married. I am old, old, old!

Blah blah, talking about old friends. )
Watership Down and inane purchases )
Oh! And thank you Jen, greatest of sisters, for SUPER SUBTLY checking on me after the break-up having me out for coffee*! We need to do that more often! Haha, suddenly I feel as though I have a social life again! XD

*Coffee meaning, naturally, whatever drink and / or food item anyone desires. There's not really a convenient word for it.

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