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2011-04-28 06:18 pm
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So hey, quick state of the nation: I'm living at home for the summer, working the museum beat with filing at the clinic filling my free time. Looking forward to an election for the first time in my life, even though I'm betting that nothing will change. I will a little upset if the first Canadian government to ever be held in contempt of Parliament wins a majority only a few months later! And also I kind of think that Tory policies are generally pretty not awesome, especially when they have to do with going prorogue and putting the good of their party over the nation, their bizarre hatred of statistics, and being otherwise unpleasant in time-wasting ways.

Of course I don't really know which party I actually do support, so I guess I need to sort that out probably. I can't shake the belief that any other party would be just as bad in their own way, so we need a minority government in order for them to balance each other out (and also fail to accomplish anything in a timely manner, but no change is better than negative changes as far as I'm concerned).

Also hey, my sister bought me a paid LJ account, which is exciting! I promptly realized that I have no idea what real people use for icons. My first instinct was to just upload a big pile of super jittery gifs because I hate my eyes and everyone else's, but I guess I ended up just dumping neat icons all over the place and if I find something better I can always go ahead and change things up. I don't even know when this thing expires. I don't even know how to know when this thing expires. But that's cool, I am okay with a bit of unpredictability.

Joined [community profile] entanglement_rp as Tavros. He is being adopted by a genetically modified robodolphin from a sci-fi novel, so that's pretty much every kind of awesome. I am lone canon warrioring it up in there, so uh if anyone feels like dumping a HS kid or troll in there, that would be pretty cool. It is not a big thing, either, though; playing him on his own is fun enough as it is so far. I think I am not very good at it yet, but I will get used to it eventually.

Elsewhere, I had a terrible rap-off, roleplayed a moving duet between Gamzee and Tavros, and somehow convinced a Karkat to tell Tavros a bedtime story. I will probably copy/paste some excerpts and things some time because it was kind of fun and hilarious.
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2011-04-07 02:38 am
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Um. So I set out to put my understanding of Tavros' relationships with his fellow trolls down on paper since I'm planning on trying to RP him, and it got really, really long. Stupidly long.

So, ok. Let's do this from the top of the hemospectrum to the bottom.

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2011-03-16 03:34 am
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by the way, my (LJ) notifications don't work because LJ is a spammy bag of dicks

Real life stupid stuff booooooooring )

Okay right, um, let's talk about the new Homestuck album instead! Or actually, just one song on it, which is actually a revamp of a different song, and that song is the one that I really wanted to talk about in the first place. So hey, okay, let's do this! The Alternia Theme did something that I thought was impossible: it broke through the thick callouses that have developed on my understanding of music. I mean, dang.

It's a melancholy piano theme, for christ's sake. It's such a desperate tug at the hearstrings. Melancholy piano themes are the sad child of music. If you want to make the viewers sad when they see your movie, you include a sad child with a speech impediment asking when daddy's coming home. If you want to make your listeners sad when they hear your song, you do a tinkly sad piano thing and suddenly everyone's weeping helplessly.

And I think that's it's really overdone! I was pretty sure that I was at the point where my immersion would be completely broken in the same way that sad children in movies do. Being aware that it's a shallow emotional grab effectively detaches me from the scene instead of drawing me in. Entertainment is all about emotional manipulation, but it stops working when you use the same tricks over and over!

So why is this song a punch in the gut to me? I'm not really sure! Maybe because it was composed without that agenda in mind, well before anyone knew how sad and involved the associated characters were going to be. Maybe because some wise guy copy/pasted Karkat's moment of helplessness into the comments below it, and I guess it's kind of sad thinking that he hasn't been really happy since his guardian died, even if he is ridiculously hyperbolic all the time and probably even there. Or I don't know, I guess that it might just be the ultimate fate of all the trolls. They've been through a lot, and not just in SGRUB. It doesn't matter, I guess! Whatever the reason, that's the only sad piano piece in years that has actually slipped through and gouged at my emotions.

So I was really excited to see it on the newest album, Alterniabound! Unfortunately, despite the fact that Alternia expands on its previous iteration beautifully, it sacrificed the simplicity that I guess really got to me. Maybe the reason it had a lesser effect on me is that the original didn't make use of the same emotional crescendos and decrescendos, it wasn't slow and hesitating, either. Maybe that's why it slipped under my radar, it didn't use as many of the usual tricks? But the point is that the new version didn't hit me all that hard at all until right near the end. For just a moment, it was beautiful, and it blew me away... and then the song continued. Dangit. If they'd ended it on the rest after the fermata just a few measures before the end, I'd have been in love. The chord would have been heartbreakingly and perfectly unresolved, and it would make me insane. Oh well, it's still a very nice song along with the rest of the album.

I'm especially pleased with the existence of Trollcops and She's A Sp8der! The former because hahaha Cop!Sollux is hilarious and the latter because I had no idea how much I wanted Vriska to have a Pirates of the Caribbean-inspired song until it actually happened. Arisen Anew is awfully -EXCITING, too, with its Dr. Who and Megane Luka samples! And, hehe, FIDUSPAWN, GO! gets special mention because of the Pokemon references.

Really, just go listen to this thing, gosh.

Hehe, in other news, a friend of mine is apparently reading webcomics! Some good, some less good. I showed her Homestuck and Basic Instructions, which I consider to be waaaay better than anything Tim B^Uckly could hope to produce. I didn't realize that I am kind of a webcomics snob until she said she'd been reading CAD and my automatic response was "oh no, but it's kind of bad compared to all these! :O " Which I guess makes me kind of a huge prick, but I didn't say it aloud, I just recommended things that I thought were better in a manner which I hope was appropriately mannerly.

That was a joke because I am always mannerly. Hoo hoo hoo.
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2011-02-15 03:38 am
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According to the timestamps on deviantart, I told my friend Nicole about Homestuck one day ago. Which isn't very specific, but okay.

Six hours ago, she called me and told me she was outside my dorm. With Gushers by Betty Crocker. And then we had a tea party at her residence with popcorn and gushers and a few of the people who live there.

I expect that she'll be finished reading Homestuck by the end of the week, and then we can hang out and discuss all the plot twists! All of them!!!!!!!! Also I had to tell her what shipping was so that she'd be prepared for Nepeta. It is so funny when people don't know internet things like that! I bet she doesn't get the jokes about furries even a little bit.

Oh man I wish I could see the look on her face when she sees Equius' hive for the first time, hehe. I am totally missing out!

The moral of the story is that I have a refreshed appreciation for my friends who do these kinds of things for me. Valentine's Day and romance and all that is great, sure, but I think the best kind of relationship is still friendship.
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2011-02-14 04:26 pm
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Hehe, Valentine's day art! There is so much Valentine's day art in the Homestuck fandom. Now that I am done being uncharacteristically irritable (seriously what was up with that? jeeze), I love it all in embarrassingly childish ways. Is this seriously what people have been doing in fandoms all these years? I've always kind of stayed on the edge and enjoyed the show, but mostly didn't care. But wow okay I'm sorry but I guess I can say that I can get weird happy feelings from seeing all this cute happy art!


So uh, happy Valentine's Day! Go get cheap chocolate tomorrow, guys!

Um, I started drawing something nice but then I got bored and did it all on like two layers, and it stopped being nice when it started being Karkat yelling "Fuck!" and throwing his arms up in melodramatic disgust. The nice thing about Homestuck is that I don't feel as insecure about drawing terrible things because I can just pretend like I meant to do it like that. I even go through some very real effort to make it look appropriate. Rough edges and stuff. Except I'm actually pretty terrible at this specific brand of incredibly sloppy, so I think that I am exploring new avenues of awful. I took a right turn at Neckless Street, bumped into Hands Crescent, and finally went for a joyride down Apathy Boulevard where it crossed Background Lane and crashed dead on into the lazy tree. Now I'm passed out and broken, waiting for the life to slowly drain from this body that's just lying there all sprawled out and bleeding incredibly shitty pictures all over my friends' list.

Okay seriously I tried to make the dialogue something nice or witty but nothing was quite as succinct as what I ended up with. So here is my half-hearted (hehe) attempt at a Valentine's thing concealed behind a cut so you don't have to look at it if you don't feel like seeing a picture hacked out in a few minutes with minimal effort. Marvel as I obfuscate my flaws with one hand and describe exactly what I'm doing with the other. Presumably the other has two eyes drawn on in and likely a tongue on the thumb or something, and I'm moving it to imitate speech motions as I speak aloud. The point is that this is a fairly regular thing for me. I cannot resist the urge to explain jokes, and this "taking refuge in apathy" is kind of a funny thing that I frequently do. Uhhh my lazy picture is behind the cut.

when I put effort in sometimes I make things that look good! This is not one of those times. )

Someday I am going to come back to these entries and want to smack myself for abandoning all form and writing entirely string of consciousness. This is not a good way to convey ideas, what's wrong with me. And when did grammar become the enemy I hope this phase passes soon.
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2011-02-10 01:05 am
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Wow, I know it's an old joke by now but uh it's after 2:30 and I'm awake and TVTropes is responsible, what a surprise. Also Homestuck. The two combined are probably the most sleep-depriving force in the universe. But I guess I'm here for a reason.

It involves capslock. and um, spoilers, so Jen you aren't allowed to read this until you're done homestuck. or uh until you've given up on it, I guess, because it's not for everyone probably even though I hope you're enjoying it if you've started reading it which you said you intended to but you're usually very busy so uh i guess it's plausible that you haven't yet even assuming you don't forget about it or whatever which i guess is more of* )

That dealt with, let's talk briefly about something that isn't Homestuck for once, jegus. This extremely classy lady who I happened upon a while back: Jacqueline du Pré. She is just the most passionate cellist I have ever seen. Just the look on her face and the way she moves as she plays... seriously wow. I am sorry if this is weird but the way some musicians move as they play, it's just so gorgeous. I could never do that, not with my horn. Not like that. You can't exactly lean into a thing like a horn. Uhh look, just watch this and you'll get what I'm freaking out over. Maybe.

Geeze, I'm kind of a freak. OKAY JUST WATCH

Camille Saint-Saëns - Allegro appassionato in B Minor, Op.43
And then when you're done watching that, listen to this.
Edgard Elgar - Cello Concerto in E Minor, Op. 85 Adagio. Moderato
The way she plays is just amazing. Seriously, what an incredible feel for the music she has. I am in love with cello all over again, but what I adore most of all is the performing motions. Because I think that being a musician is more than just producing music. You need to experience it at the same time, and I'm kind of in love with the unrestrained way that she does so.
E.Granados (arr.Cassadó) - Goyescas, Intermezzo

What's that, you say, you want to watch from another classy dame from a few decades ago perform? Well, you can't go wrong with Maria Callas singing Habanera from Carmen. What a smile, wowee. Hers is maybe not the best rendition of the song you'll ever find, but her motions and expressions just draw you in.
Seguedill and L'amour Est Un Oiseaux Rebelle from the same opera, performed on a different night from my first recording.

Okay so apparently I can't post a song without listening to the whole dumb thing because I have no self-control or common sense, so I'm going to cut this off here and go sleep.


APPARENTLY WE CAN ADD A NERVOUS LAUGH TO MY "QUIRK" LIST. I USED AIM FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MONTHS THE OTHER DAY AND SERIOUSLY LIKE A THIRD OF MY LINES STARTED WITH "haha, [words words words]". Hooray, I'm even more annoying than I dared to dream. This had better not be a thing that I do in real life. Surely I would know and oh god I do sometimes, don't I.


*(a "me" trait than a "you" trait so that probably won't happen) Apparently there is a size limit for cut text. who knew?
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2011-02-04 02:28 am
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Okay, so uh I'm doing this in kind of semi-Homestuck style because I'm pretty much a huge, obnoxious fantard for it and it's appropriate considering the conversation. Shut up. :|

Me: Okay, so.
Me: Say there is a show or something in which every character is represented by a zodiac symbol. And say you're a fan of that show, but your favourite character does not match your zodiac!
Me: And uh. Also say that they are selling shirts with the symbols right on the front. Do you get one that doesn't match your zodiac?
Brother: Why not? Since the symbol is for the character and not astrology.
Me: Yeah, that's what I thought. I guess I'll do it.
Brother: So, what's Sagittarius like?
Me: Uhhhh what does the symbol look like again? (Oh god, isn't that Equius)
Brother: It's an arrow.
Me: Um. He's. ...
Brother: It's something bad, isn't it. Sagittarius is always bad.
Me: No, I like him! A lot. He uh.
Me: He builds robots.
Me: And is STRONG.
Brother: Yeah, that's actually better than I expected!




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2011-02-01 04:56 am
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SO UH I RECENTLY STARTED READING HOMESTUCK AGAIN. I called it quits when the trolls were first introduced because I ReAlLy cOuLdN'T DeAl wItH ReAdInG ThIs, GeEzE cOmE oN gAmZeE but then I guess I steeled myself and started over from the beginning a while ago. I had to. it is a very good story. I finished it just recently and I have been yammering about it to anyone who will listen ever since.

Trying to explain its plot would be kind of hellish for both me and you, so uh here, someone else summed it up well enough on anoncomm recently: "Like people have said, it's about a group of kids who play a video game that lets them manipulate each others' environments -- think Sims, but instead of building houses for little imaginary people, you're building houses for your neighbor and watching the construction out your window. Turns out the game plays a role in the end of the world, through time travel and alternate realities and the like. I'll say more about it if you want me to, it's a pretty fun story to explain."

It is really good and worth reading ....although people who aren't complete dorks and intrigued by weird terminology and game mechanics apparently find the first act or two kind of dull while the readers are trying to figure things out? NOT ME, THOUGH.

wow okay uh off topic. Let's do this again. Early on while everything was being set up, the author took suggestions for what actions his characters would make which is pretty much the coolest thing ever.* But then when the story started rolling, he closed suggestions and just let things work their course. And it has been frigging awesome.

geeze wow do I ever meander. I will have to revisit this topic because I apparently have a million things to say about it, but my point here is just that I want to jot down something entertaining. I was talking about how the trolls type to my sister and Scott, and he asked me if I had any typing quirks.

And I said, "uh."
And then I said, "uhhh, I guess my uhs" because (although I usually don't post them on my journal because I'm a stuffed shirt on my own turf) I do tend to spam them in instant messangers, texts, et cetera.
It turns out that he had a typing quirk as well, one no less obnoxious than any of the trolls when he used to muck around in chats and stuff. After every line of writing he would add a question mark on its own.

So in theory us talking would be like:
eibborn: uhhh Hi Scott.
Scott: Hello
Scott: ?
eibborn: What's up?
eibborn: Are you doing anything tonight?
Scott: No, I don't have any plans
Scott: ?
eibborn: Oh, uh
eibborn: you should invite me over so we can play with my new Wii or something.†
Scott: That was incredibly subtle
Scott: ?
Jen: Am I not invited? You guys hate me!!
eibborn: Jen you live with Scott
eibborn: it uh kind of goes without saying

My sister types with two exclamation marks. She has done so without fail for years. It is a PRETTY TAME QUIRK but I guess it will have to do. The point is that apparently real people do kind of type a little bit like the characters in the comic do! I guess we're all more similar to the human characters, though, which probably makes buttloads of sense.

Okay, so mostly I wanted to write about this before I forgot. I am going to make fun of the addicting powers of Homestuck another time for sure, though, because it is kind of pathetic how addicting it is. Seriously people have designed 1) a program that checks the site for updates every minute =2) an IM client that is based on the one used in the comic (that I love very much. IT LETS ME USE WHATEVER EMOTICONS I WANT. MY :)S REMAIN :)S INSTEAD OF BEING HIJACKED BY HIDEOUS YELLOW TERRORISTS AND CRASHED INTO MY UNPREPARED SENTENCES) and 3) its own record label. Seriously, what kind of webcomic has stuff like that? A very good webcomic, that's what.

also, I finally got a proper mood theme. I liked the old one because it was so comically easy to avoid saying anything about your actual mood, but homestuck won out over my usual contrariness in the end.

*I always meant to write about TGchan, which has a lot of stories like that, but it's embarrassing because half the quests are furries furrying it up and the entire place is stagnant so I probably won't ever. I don't even go there anymore. I can dig furries as long as they don't furry too furrily up in my grill if you catch my meaning, but the place is stifling. It feels like every quest gets the same suggestions, which is too bad because it's a really neat way of telling a story!