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Ode to the Bridge Builder Jan. 15th, 2011 @ 06:00 am
It is kind of frustrating that the only think I'm really passionate about these days is video games and what makes them special. It makes me wonder if I should have gone into journalism so that I could have even fewer interesting job prospects than I already do but be able to write about this thing that fascinates me in a respectable way. Obviously I am unfit to take part in the actual process of creating such games, but by god's balls do I love to interpret them.

...Someone on [community profile] rpanoncomm asked for recommendations for Mac-compatible games for Steam. I offered some. ...Look, it's 0600 here and I haven't slept; you'll have to forgive me my incoherence. In some ways, I am dreadfully unhealthy.

hurf durf )

So there's that. This probably isn't half as useful as I hope it is, but we shall see once I have slept for a few hours.

Current Mood: derp

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