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Apr. 28th, 2011 @ 06:18 pm
So hey, quick state of the nation: I'm living at home for the summer, working the museum beat with filing at the clinic filling my free time. Looking forward to an election for the first time in my life, even though I'm betting that nothing will change. I will a little upset if the first Canadian government to ever be held in contempt of Parliament wins a majority only a few months later! And also I kind of think that Tory policies are generally pretty not awesome, especially when they have to do with going prorogue and putting the good of their party over the nation, their bizarre hatred of statistics, and being otherwise unpleasant in time-wasting ways.

Of course I don't really know which party I actually do support, so I guess I need to sort that out probably. I can't shake the belief that any other party would be just as bad in their own way, so we need a minority government in order for them to balance each other out (and also fail to accomplish anything in a timely manner, but no change is better than negative changes as far as I'm concerned).

Also hey, my sister bought me a paid LJ account, which is exciting! I promptly realized that I have no idea what real people use for icons. My first instinct was to just upload a big pile of super jittery gifs because I hate my eyes and everyone else's, but I guess I ended up just dumping neat icons all over the place and if I find something better I can always go ahead and change things up. I don't even know when this thing expires. I don't even know how to know when this thing expires. But that's cool, I am okay with a bit of unpredictability.

Joined [community profile] entanglement_rp as Tavros. He is being adopted by a genetically modified robodolphin from a sci-fi novel, so that's pretty much every kind of awesome. I am lone canon warrioring it up in there, so uh if anyone feels like dumping a HS kid or troll in there, that would be pretty cool. It is not a big thing, either, though; playing him on his own is fun enough as it is so far. I think I am not very good at it yet, but I will get used to it eventually.

Elsewhere, I had a terrible rap-off, roleplayed a moving duet between Gamzee and Tavros, and somehow convinced a Karkat to tell Tavros a bedtime story. I will probably copy/paste some excerpts and things some time because it was kind of fun and hilarious.

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I talk a lot, as always. Oct. 9th, 2008 @ 09:16 pm
So, today I felt a bit down, so you know what I did at around four o'clock? Had myself a nice angstea time.


I'm feeling really unmotivated for my work still, although I am trying to improve. I've finished my readings at least for World Religions, which has been fascinating as always.

Here, check this out:

Chapter XIV

Because the eye gazes but can catch no glimpse of it,
It is called elusive.
Because the ear listens but cannot hear it,
It is called the rarefied.
Because the hand feels for it but cannot find it,
It is called the infinitesimal.
These three, because they cannot be further scrutinized,
Blend into one.
Its rising rings no light;
Its sinking, no darkness.
Endless the series of things without name
On the way back to where there is nothing.
They are called shapeless shapes;
Forms without form;
Are called vague semblances.
Go toward them, and you can see no front;
Go after them, and you see no rear.
Yet by seizing on the Way that was
You can ride the things that are now.
For to know what once there was in the Beginning,
This is called the essence of the Way.

This is from the Tao Te Ching, ostensibly written by Lao tzu. Fascinating, isn't it? I am going to buy a translation simply for the poetry of it. I don't suppose that it would hurt me as a person, either, to incorporate a bit of Daoist philosophy into my life.

Ah, woah, Katherine just about literally dragged me out to see a movie with a few people from the res and a few others from without. It seems that she's made it her job to be the person who opens up opportunities for me to actually get out among people. It's interesting, and not unwelcome. It is good to have a more social person to do that to me every now and again.

The movie was not bad. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist spoilers, I guess. )

It left me thinking about the people I was with. A few of them were extremely interesting people to watch! A pair from my res- Steph and Adam, are a classic duo. Adam is not unlike how I was a few years ago, actually- extremely annoying to people who he is comfortable with. He is quite cruel to her with his teasing and his jokes, but the one day she wasn't around he wasn't himself at all. He was lost without her to play with! Likewise, I think, there's a reason that she puts up with it, despite her griping. They're good friends and nothing will change that.

Mitch, I only met tonight, but he's certainly left an impression! He is a Women's Studies major who aspires to be a reverend for the United Church. He is awkward to speak to, but he seems to be driven by causes. Within a few minutes of speaking to him, he declared that he was going to make sure that he changed the church for the better with his training because it is a field that is ultimately patriarchal. I wish him luck!

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oh hay an update at last! Sep. 25th, 2008 @ 06:29 pm

My lab today consisted of the whole class grabbing nets and waders and tromping around in Blackfoot lake to find creepy-crawlies. This is the kind of thing that my family does for fun! xD I kept feeling as though Beth ought to be there, because this is exactly the sort of thing that you'd love, I know. xD But I ended up in a group that was all friendly, helpful, joking with each other. Everyone did their bit, and man there was a lot to do. After we'd pulled samples of lake-water out, we had to sift through it and divide the rocks from the snails and the plant matter from the animal. This was really hard! We had to get >500 living organisms in two jars, not to mention sort out the individual samples that we took from different depths.

It was ungodly amounts of fun. xD

In the past week, I've hardly played any games at all. I'm always busy, it seems! I did get a few minutes of We Love Katamari and Super Bust-a-Move 2 in, though. Which is nice.

I have also learned that I absolutely fail at keeping appointments to meet people online. D: I would be kicking myself about it a lot more, though, if the other person hadn't forgotten as well! xD But I will try not to be an idiot in the future. :BBB

Maaan I had so much to write about and I don't remember it. It'll come back, though.

EDIT: Holy crap, you guys, I just talked to my mom and I guess that there was a bomb scare at Carlton, my old school, last Tuesday. My brother was there! The whole school was evacuated to the Communiplex Art Hauser Centre and holy crap. It was a false alarm, but that's just scary.

...And I guess he's permanently lost some of his vision in one eye thanks to a soccer ball to the face, too. I feel as though I should be there for him or something.

Friiiick. I keep on getting told by people (sometimes people I hardly know!) that he misses Jen and I, but I always forget to call him or text him or something. ...I guess he tried to text me during the scare, but it didn't get to me somehow.

For interest's sake, this is probably the same brand of regret I'm going to feel when one of my grandparents finally kicks the bucket.
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Goodies below! Sep. 8th, 2008 @ 10:45 pm
"...the price of intactness was incompleteness."


Ladies and gentlemen, I am in 100% mint condition. Never-been-opened, sealed in a plastic bag in a vault in a bank. Seriously. I have never 'broken' as it were, or even been damaged. I don't foresee it happening any time soon. This leaves me in a position of wondering, am I, because my life has gone more or less swimmingly and because I can handle things that do go wrong, not quite the person I could be?

Of course, it's not really the sort of thing that anyone can answer, although any opinions would be interesting, I'm sure.

Mm, I think that Katherine is a good bad influence on me. She convinced me to go over to the house of a couple people who were in her grade- one below mine- and watch an awful movie instead of doing my laundry like a responsible boy. It meant that I ended up wearing my awful Sobeys pants to work because I had nothing else clean, but I don't regret it. ...Even though we watched Step Up 2. It was as bad as the original which I also, lord save me, have seen.

We're thinking of checking out the observatory with another girl from the res who came along for the movie, Nicole. She seems nice, although I bet she thinks I'm a bit insane.

Speaking of people's opinions of me, it looks like Katherine thinks I am a rather proper person! xD Dignified and whatnot. Will she be in for a surprise or what, heh.

Uh, it looks as though I've been roped into 'm going to be taking care of both Sarah's as well as Jen's and Scott's cats for a few days while they run off to a concert or something. ...I'm totally going to get lost trying to find my sister's place, but oh wellllll.

Have some awesome links: I may have linked this before, but Lackadaisy is one of the awesomest comics on the internet, in my opinion. I don't think it has a weak point! If the art was awful, I'd still read it. If the characters were flat, I'd read it. If the story was weak, I'd read it. If it were boring, I'd read it. It's just good luck that none of those are true! So it's like a collision of awesome in a single webcomic.

Kagerou is really an interesting story. The art, especially the more recent stuff, is wonderful and it's got this really neat world going on behind the story. It's got mega serious stuff, but comedy mixed in. My kind of comic.

Fans of Metal Gear Solid, check this out!
[livejournal.com profile] zarla presents the first three Metal Gear games in FULL CAPS-O-VISION. READ THEM. She totally made almost all of the sprites she used for Metal Gear Solid. Intense, no?
Seriously, though, after reading these I am going to laugh in the face of anyone who claims that MGS is serious business. :'D

I hope that everyone has seen 'There She Is!!' by SamBakZa? The metaphor is a bit obvious, maybe, but hey, the music is great and the art is cute. The animation is fantastic. Check out their other videos, too, uh, if you can find them. I sure can't... >>;

And, hey, since we're looking at cute foreign furry animations that have been around for years, check out the Nightmare City series. Once again, the music is love (and HILARIOUS. IT'S ENGLISH, BELIEVE IT OR NOT! XDDD Need proof? Hold down the space bar while watching the first one, and click the word on the left until you reach Lyrics.). I would call it the shounen accompaniment to the obviously shoujo 'There She Is!!' Look, English doesn't really have a word for 'boy's series' and 'girl's series.' I DON'T HAVE TO JUSTIFY MYSELF TO YOU. Uh, where was I? Enjoy it! Uh, may as well go with the International version. They're more or less the same.

Ah, the music group, 403 Forbiddena, got a myspace, apparently. I'll need to check this out, see if they've got anything I haven't heard. Haha, 'epic' is the only word for their lyrics and style. xD

Aaagh it's midnight. I need to sleep or I might miss class tomorrow, so good night! &hearts

...I only ate breakfast today, and I'm not even all that hungry now. I bet I could save a lot of money if I keep this up! :B I kid, I kid. I just missed lunch, and my lab ENTIRELY COVERED UP supper time. >[

Friends and a Lack of Self Control Aug. 9th, 2008 @ 06:45 pm
Today was made awesome by my running into some of my old friends during my lunch break. They were in town for the purpose of picking up Melissa's FIANCE from the airport. ALECIA DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME? Oh lordy, someone who I went to school with is engaged to be married. I am old, old, old!

Blah blah, talking about old friends. )
Watership Down and inane purchases )
Oh! And thank you Jen, greatest of sisters, for SUPER SUBTLY checking on me after the break-up having me out for coffee*! We need to do that more often! Haha, suddenly I feel as though I have a social life again! XD

*Coffee meaning, naturally, whatever drink and / or food item anyone desires. There's not really a convenient word for it.

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life is so hard Aug. 5th, 2008 @ 03:07 pm
Day off today, due to an orthodontist appointment. I seriously needed this, due to getting a bit burned out and also because I was up very late being broken up with.

...Yeeeeah. But I'm pretty okay with it. I've always known that I'm a better friend than I am a boyfriend. And there were plenty of warning signs that even I couldn't miss.

More on this later, maybe? I don't know exactly how much Sarah wants me to say.

The Rules Of Manliness require that I refer to her frequently as 'my psychotic ex' or 'that psycho bitch,' but somehow I'm not quite up to it. I do hope I won't get kicked from the club.
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Durrrrgh Aug. 5th, 2008 @ 12:35 am
Making lots of stupid mistakes recently, but not with anything really important. For example, showed up to work bright and early at nine today as usual only to learn that it is a stat holiday (GJ, SELF) and that I didn't have to be there until eleven. No harm done, and I got to spend a few hours sitting around playing Megaman BN3 (which I'm getting near finishing!). But still, a stupid mistake.

It's handy that Sinfest posted this comic, which pretty much summarizes how I've been feeling.

Speaking of Megaman, but a different game, asdghwog Elecman is so hard! DDD: I think that he's the first boss in Megaman who is harder to beat than the level you have to go through to meet him.

I've been remembering to eat! Go self! Haha, last night I had to choose between food and sleep, because midnight rolled around and I was like, 'oh yeah, food. :B' So I stayed up and made pasta.

Thank you guys for your responses to my post from the other day! It's been very interesting, and everyone who hasn't responded should do it now.


PS. JERRY, THANK YOU FOR COMING TO VISIT! DO IT AGAIN ANY TIME! In fact, anyone can come and visit me, just let me know a few days hours ahead of time!

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Jul. 26th, 2008 @ 10:47 am
I have just under an hour before I have to leave for work, and I don't know what to doooo.

It occurs to me that I'm getting pretty good at this 'keeping a journal' thing. I think that the trick is to pretend that you're telling an audience, no matter how boring and inconsequential whatever you're writing is. But I'm updating like four times a week, now! Not too long ago, I updated four times in a month.

Oh! We had a chipmunk in Sears the other day! They managed to catch it eventually. No idea how it got in or anything, but seriously. A chipmunk! Maybe it's what I saw the other day- I thought it looked too large for a mouse.

So, this seems to be as good a plan as any for after I graduate.

What else of a totally inconsequential nature can I write about? I'm still having nosebleeds all the time. Happened at work yesterday, and in the shower this morning, and last night... Believe me, my friends, the shower is the last place you want a nosebleed, despite the easy clean-up.

When I got home from work last night, I had this crazy headache. |< So I went to bed earlier than usual... and then, on the one day of the week for which I can sleep in, woke up totally on my own at 8:00. Dangit, self! Enjoy sleeping in 'till ten while you can!

Oh! I haven't yet written that I got a game I've been hoping to find! The Megaman Anniversary Collection, which is to say every classic Megaman game since the dawn of time. I am crazy-thrilled over this, because I was sure I would have to order it online. But no! Someone traded it in to EB Games. Mega score! =D

I've been thinking of finding some new icons. The ones I've got are fun and all, but they probably make no sense to anyone but me! Or I guess I could keep them and upgrade to a plus account... but I don't like ads. Even with adblockplus.

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Well. Okay, here. Jul. 16th, 2008 @ 09:50 pm
So, there's something that I've been trying to put into practise in an attempt to reduce my crippling embarrassment over things that really shouldn't matter. Whenever I do something that I would NEVER TELL ANYONE EVER out of fear for what they might think of me, I... tell everyone ever. The idea is that I really don't like the part of me that tries to hide the parts that are especially dorky or stupid or idiotic, so I'm getting rid of it. Breaking the habit. Begone, shame!
What, you want a couple examples of me deliberately bringing up things I'm ashamed of? Well, since you asked, you cruel people, you. [1] [2] [3]
...There's more, but I can't remember 'em. :B

You guys are getting really excited for a confession, aren't you? )

...If you mock, it shows you care! &hearts!


Oh, I think that this is beautiful and wonderful. Kate Beaton posted a request for people to draw their conversations with their childhood selves, like she has for her comic. Some are funny, some are blah (mine- check page 9), some are really quite touching. (I would be totally psyched seven years ago to see that when I am 19 I can draw even the bit that I can.)

But seriously, there are some awesome artists there, and some really interesting people. Read them!

...Yes, I drew myself with my old hair. I'm still surprised to look into windows and see short-haired me looking back. Also, I have no idea what I looked like back in the late 90s or early 2000s. I recall being pudgier and ... that's about it. Shorter, probably?

Mmm, I'm in the mood for more writing. Ah, I can flail for a little bit!

Wellllll, haha, it's actually gotten past the point where it really bothers me. THIS IS NOT A NEW PROBLEM, as those who know me in RL may recall. But still, I hate having to just giggle laugh in my APPARENTLY GIRLY VOICE when some nice old lady tells me I'm 'a good girl.' Because I don't want to deal with the awkwardness of telling the truth because I've dealt with that for like a quarter of my life already and enough is enough, I'll be a girl for some people. Girls get better tips, anyway. The new girl, Sarah, has already made more in tips that I have in total. It's possible (I GUESS.) that she's just more pleasant than me...

Maybe I need a ♂ pin for my collar. Just as a hint. ¬_¬

Oh, and now that the scanners working I can upload a little of the art I've done at work. I will. At some point. Probably. :B

I do really like this song.

OH RIGHT! I lost Niente! My MP3 player! D: Nieeeeente, I love you! Come back to me! But she's been missing for a few weeks now, but I've finally gotten around to looking for her and she is just nowhere to be found. ;_;

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=D==<-X Jul. 13th, 2008 @ 12:54 am
So today I was supposed to get a lot of cleaning done... but I made cookies instead. I challenge you to find fault in that.

...Well, there was a small problem- that I started BLEEDING FROM MY FACE midway through the cooking. Bah, there's a whole batch of cookies wasted. Burned to awful brown lumps! D| Why me?

Haha, but the nosebleed lasted for like forty minutes. I'm just lucky that it didn't get on Pi (my laptop). My shirt was not so lucky, but hopefully it'll be okay. I washed it in the sink as soon as I could, and couldn't see any blood left there.

Today was my last scheduled day off ever. :x

Ha ha, could you guys work out what my subject line represents?

Somehow, I lived. Jul. 10th, 2008 @ 12:20 am
So uh today some guy threatened to beat me up. And I laughed, because it was bizarre! XD

I took my lunch and ate it outside 'cause it was nice out, and this guy was walking past with a group of friends. He wanted some of my drink, to which I replied, 'Haha, no way!' (because seriously, what? What kind of person asks to share the drink of some random guy on the street?) and he tried acting tough to me and I was politely bemused the whole time. Only... I got the giggles. XD I mean, who wants to fight someone over something like that?

And this wasn't a 'rrr I'm tough and laughing in your face' thing, I'm talking real laughter going on here. I clearly do not handle the ludicrous in a very sensible manner! Good job, survival instincts! IT'S NOT LIKE ANY HARM COULD COME TO ME. OH WAIT.

But he wandered off eventually and I started drawing on the sidewalk instead. Oh, Saskatoon! Did you know that according to the census info released almost a year ago, we lead the country in violent crimes per capita? Thanks, Wikipedia.

Uhh, I've been watching the Megaman anime on Veoh. What is it with Japanese children's shows and cross-dressing? Although I guess that Bugs tends to go in for that quite a bit, too. It's just more slap-stick, whereas there's actual storyline reasons for Lan, Dex and Tory to dress up in skimpy outfits. James from Pokemon has no excuse, though! He pretty clearly just gets his kicks that way. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course! :U

Now, one of those topics from my list. Uh, 'I Can Buy Things!'

So it sank in the other day that I have a credit card- the internet is at my fingertips! I can't find certain games I want at any place in town... but Amazon.com has 'em! I am going to waste so much money on games and on manga and on ...well, that's really all I want. But that's enough! I mean, a full series could be lots lots lots of money. And I am cheeeeeap!

I'm totally failing at my vow to not buy any more games until I've finished the ones I've got, by the way. Oh well! NO REGRETS!

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FIYAH! Jul. 4th, 2008 @ 08:43 pm
XD THAT WAS THE AWESOMEST THING EVER! I should probably never cook, ever. If I offer to, expect me to serve my speciality: oil-fire-in-a-wok!

I spent a few minutes just watching it, because it looked awesome and I was maybe a little alarmed! Then the apartment started filling with smoke and I thought maybe I should do something. I know that you're not supposed to use water on an oil fire, but it's not like I had sand or something just sitting around... ANYWAY, it worked, after a little explosive 'foom.' IT WAS GREAT.
Also, it is crazy smoky in here. GOOD JOB, SELF. b ^_^ d

Uhhhh, expect me to post a long dorky entry about Pokemon sooner or later.

Oh, hey, here's a shocker! I made some icons for my RP account and someone actually liked 'em enough to message me and ask if they can use them on their account for the same character. Bizarre! XD I attribute it to the utter lack of icons for that character, especially ones in which he's hurt.

Jun. 28th, 2008 @ 11:06 pm
Haha, today was kind of awful. Ironically, none of this would have happened if I had just stuck with working every day of the week.

It occurs to me that I don't have any sad / serious icons. If you post about how your Aunt Mildred died and end up with an 'I happened to your foot, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha,' it's because I've got nothing else, not because I happened to your Aunt Mildred foot.
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Babelicious New Icon Jun. 28th, 2008 @ 11:09 am
I'm such a dork. :> Also, absolutely gay for awesome (sexless) characters. Is that an acceptable use of 'gay'? I don't think its got offensive connotations, but, you know. Isn't the evolution of language fascinating?

...It's supposed to be animated! Why doesn't it work? *pokes it* Move, Robo! Oh well, I like it as is.

Uh, today is my first day in which I don't work at either job since... whenever I started at Sobeys. May. This is the meal before the fast, though. Next weekend I've got more time off, but then I start working 9:00-5:30 from Monday to Thursday and 9:00-3:00 on Friday at the Watch Repair, as well as 4:00-9:00 on Friday, 12:00-9:00 on Saturday and 10:00-7:00 on Sunday at Sobeys. Why do I do this to myself?

Oh! And evidently I'm getting paid an extra dollar per hour until Charlotte gets back from the hospital.
Boooring booring booring )

A quick question for any artsy types who read this? How on earth do you keep pencil sketches in sketchbooks from smudging? After a week of being carried around, the white of the background has developed a thin layer of graphite! You should see some of my earliest pictures in the book. They look so faded because the background is that dark.

Mm. I always start off intending to write something, but I forget and start rambling about life and stuff. :B Oh well, I'll save it for tomorrow.

EDIT: Have a meme )

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Blah blah blah Jun. 23rd, 2008 @ 10:00 pm
Mm. I must have fifty entries that share this title.

I'm feeling really dissatisfied today because... well. Because of family problems, school problems, other problems. All of it together. Perhaps it's time to do another Chrono Trigger segment, just for a break from reality. Or maybe I could pick my classes for next term. That would be useful.

Ah, I feel as though I ought to be putting on my best face, now! There are people who don't really know me reading this! Although, I have to ask [livejournal.com profile] arynthefox: Who are you? Come say, "Hi!" How do you know me? :o

Pfft, you guys are getting the same me who's posted for years. I'm not really very capable of masking myself, anyway.

Oh, Amred! Regarding the MSN roleplaying thing, I'm sorry, but one of us doesn't feel comfortable playing with someone they don't know in real life. I truly am sorry. :<

Oh! I have AIM, now. The name is (surprise, surprise) 'Eibborn', so go ahead and add that, if you like. I'll be on about as often as I am on MSN, but ... well, you know. I'm really not that awesome when it comes to instant messaging programs, am I? :x

Aheh, this has to be about the least cohesive entry I've posted.

Mm, there was something I wanted to do... Oh! A fun activity for you and your friends to enjoy! Do you guys know those cubic beads with letters on them, so you can spell words? These are all available for purchase at work:
I will take no responsibility for damage resulting from hour head striking your keyboard. )
It may provide you relief to know that no one's actually bought any of those since I started working in May.

To spare your Friend's Lists. It's just a bunch of jumpy rambling, really. )

Just a reminder, I'm still not getting e-mail notifications when people reply to anything I say. That means that I will almost certainly forget to check back and leave whatever you say unanswered. If I do that, don't hesitate to drop me a note somehow reminding me. I'll apologise about a million times and scurry over to read whatever you said.

EDIT: ...Huh, wow. Okay, Episode 16 was a little bit of a mind-bender.

EDIT II: Fixed a mistake.

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HEY, WHERE'S MY CHRONO TRIGGER? D: Apr. 27th, 2008 @ 02:29 pm
Well, the past couple days have been busy. I headed up to P.A. on Friday evening-ish and experienced the worst driving conditions I've dealt with this year: the thermometer at exactly 0 degrees, so the sopping wet snow can't decided whether or not it's water so I just slid and I slid and I slid all over that highway. There was awful visibility, too. But I made it home! All was well! I went out to supper with Sarah, Beth, Steph, and Marty (and I guess Jenn K works at BP's now!) and then went back to the the Twins' house for video games and fun! Except Beth had to go somewhere... D: So we, uh, played Friends Scene-It for a while, (I CAN HEAR YOU SNICKERING AT ME!) and then SSBB! Brawl! <3 We only got to play a little bit, though, because Sarah was concussed and tired, so I had to take her home. Fortunately, Alecia made it there before we left! So we got to talk for a bit, although not for nearly long enough. NEXT TIME, MY FRIEND! NEXT TIME!

Uh, then Friday consisted of me waking up, putting on clothes, and walking down the stairs before being roped into helping Jen move. :B That meant driving all the way back to Saskatoon to load up the van with most of her and Scott's stuff, then driving back to P.A. D: At this point, I still haven't completed my original task, the reason I went to P.A.; to get my resume off of the computer there! Also, I needed to pick up my horn (because I have been missing it ever since SOMEONE posted a picture of their's on their journal!) and I intended to get A Wrinkle In Time because somehow Sarah has never even heard of it. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, SARAH?

So, uh, I ended up driving from P.A. to Saskatoon in the morning, loading up all sorts of furniture and stuff, then heading back to P.A. to get all the stuff that I left there and nabbing my resume and horn (but not the book; it was buried beneath Jen's massive amount of STUFF in the crawlspace. D:), and then finally going back to S'toon.

(For those out there who don't live in either city, S'toon is where I live now, while P.A. is where I grew up and where my parents live. It's over an hour away.)

And that is how I spent the last few days.

I dunno when the next Chrono Trigger update'll be! I'm kinda in a mood for, uh, I dunno. Playing horn and writing fanfiction instead.

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Fish egg Aug. 22nd, 2007 @ 09:49 pm
Pah. I am not tired enough to sleep but too tired to do anything useful, so I guess I may as well summarize my summer.
I've been doing filing for at least (it is pretty often a few hours more) 27.5 hours in two weeks which is pretty slack I guess compared to what some of my chums are doing but heeeeey whatever.

In under two weeks I shall be moved to Saskatoon where I will be attending classes at the U of S.
Pretty intense, especially considering my course load- Bio, Chem, Physics, English, and Latin.

Latin because I've wanted to learn Latin since I was something like ten. It's the only class I'm taking that I really want to, aside from Biology due to me being a dork.

I haven't accomplished near as much as I wanted to do this summer, but I've still done lots.

I went to the maritimes, which was truly enjoyable although mom was cranky (homesick?) for a fair bit of the time. Dan and I were goofy enough to keep dad and ourselves happy.

I've read more books than I had any intention of. Agatha Christie is really a very interesting author. She likes to reference Tennyson and Othello and wrote a Christmas special which was actually not very remarkable but exciting anyway for the sheer fact that it was a Christmas special.

It's been weird being in a different city from Sarah, although we've managed well enough with weekends.

I also spent way more money than I had any intention of doing. I bought a CD called 'Chill with Beethoven' just this week along with the DVD Hot Fuzz. I bought 'Give Up' by the Postal Service and Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz (because I'm a dork). And more, I'm sure, that I've forgotten. Books.

I'm sitting on a mattress on the floor of Jen's old room surrounded by boxes filled with everything I've ever owned- my old room is being painted. And then I'm moving. Yikes.

I have a lot to sort through.

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Har May. 8th, 2007 @ 09:00 pm
Today I used my MP3 player Niente for the the first time in over a month. The first three songs were right up there at the top of my favourites.
Aww, I missed you too. <3 <3

I have issues. I anthropomorphise my electronics.

Current Music: Elvis I Don't Love You Anymore- Harvey Danger
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