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Wow, I know it's an old joke by now but uh it's after 2:30 and I'm awake and TVTropes is responsible, what a surprise. Also Homestuck. The two combined are probably the most sleep-depriving force in the universe. But I guess I'm here for a reason.

It involves capslock. and um, spoilers, so Jen you aren't allowed to read this until you're done homestuck. or uh until you've given up on it, I guess, because it's not for everyone probably even though I hope you're enjoying it if you've started reading it which you said you intended to but you're usually very busy so uh i guess it's plausible that you haven't yet even assuming you don't forget about it or whatever which i guess is more of* )

That dealt with, let's talk briefly about something that isn't Homestuck for once, jegus. This extremely classy lady who I happened upon a while back: Jacqueline du Pré. She is just the most passionate cellist I have ever seen. Just the look on her face and the way she moves as she plays... seriously wow. I am sorry if this is weird but the way some musicians move as they play, it's just so gorgeous. I could never do that, not with my horn. Not like that. You can't exactly lean into a thing like a horn. Uhh look, just watch this and you'll get what I'm freaking out over. Maybe.

Geeze, I'm kind of a freak. OKAY JUST WATCH

Camille Saint-Saëns - Allegro appassionato in B Minor, Op.43
And then when you're done watching that, listen to this.
Edgard Elgar - Cello Concerto in E Minor, Op. 85 Adagio. Moderato
The way she plays is just amazing. Seriously, what an incredible feel for the music she has. I am in love with cello all over again, but what I adore most of all is the performing motions. Because I think that being a musician is more than just producing music. You need to experience it at the same time, and I'm kind of in love with the unrestrained way that she does so.
E.Granados (arr.Cassadó) - Goyescas, Intermezzo

What's that, you say, you want to watch from another classy dame from a few decades ago perform? Well, you can't go wrong with Maria Callas singing Habanera from Carmen. What a smile, wowee. Hers is maybe not the best rendition of the song you'll ever find, but her motions and expressions just draw you in.
Seguedill and L'amour Est Un Oiseaux Rebelle from the same opera, performed on a different night from my first recording.

Okay so apparently I can't post a song without listening to the whole dumb thing because I have no self-control or common sense, so I'm going to cut this off here and go sleep.


APPARENTLY WE CAN ADD A NERVOUS LAUGH TO MY "QUIRK" LIST. I USED AIM FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MONTHS THE OTHER DAY AND SERIOUSLY LIKE A THIRD OF MY LINES STARTED WITH "haha, [words words words]". Hooray, I'm even more annoying than I dared to dream. This had better not be a thing that I do in real life. Surely I would know and oh god I do sometimes, don't I.


*(a "me" trait than a "you" trait so that probably won't happen) Apparently there is a size limit for cut text. who knew?

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Meme time Nov. 18th, 2009 @ 12:13 am
Meme powers activate!

▪ Leave me a comment saying "GUREITO!"
▪ I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
▪ Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
▪ Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions

My answers )

What's that you say, I promised you whining? TOUGH. |< It seems like whenever I start to write something these days, it just crashes. That includes school, my journal, and roleplaying. Bummer, but it'll be back.

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New best icon ever. :D Nov. 4th, 2009 @ 12:10 am
Hideo Kojima A "Huge Fan" Of Twilight!


I keep on having these random urges to play characters from all over. Dahlia Hawthorne and Ini Miney from Ace Attorney, Dilandou from Escaflowne, and Rossiu from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann seem to be the big ones at the moment, plus another Pokemon OC. I was shocked to discover that no one makes icons of Claydol for some reason! Might go with a gijinka this time, anyway, though I'll probably have to draw it myself. And I'm not really any kind of artist, sooo.

Ah, well. I don't have the time to be playing any new characters, anyway. D| People are probably sick of me throwing in a tag or two every day and dragging things out for ages. I finally wrapped up a thread that started around two weeks ago over in [livejournal.com profile] pokedressing. And then in [livejournal.com profile] bubblevoid I'm in one that started on the 10th. It's a good thing that being slow and backdating is normal there, and it's kind of excused by being in log format between three people.

Oh yeah, speaking of drawing! )

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Sep. 29th, 2009 @ 12:26 pm
Hooray, I'm being a far better student this year! I wonder if it'll actually make a difference. I guess I'll see.

Ha, I should never let myself get comfortable with anyone ever, though. Apparently I'm still just as much of an imp as I was a decade ago, just in a more subtle way. Now Taylor and Katherine are probably assuming that I've asked my friend Martina out at some point just because I let the topic drift when they told me about their theory instead of just denying it. |B ENJOY YOUR INCORRECT ASSUMPTIONS HA HA i'm the worst friend ever.

And I'm practically a war criminal, too! In the past several weeks I have drugged, sexually assaulted, and gassed fruit flies en masse. IT IS A LITTLE DISTURBING but such is the life of a bio major, I guess. Still, it's uncomfortable for me to treat a living thing like it's that insignificant, even if it kind of is.

Man, I'm so boring lately. Have some music: Revolution by Kagamine Rin and Len and Quand Nina est Saoule by OURS. Uh, and Rain by Yoko Kanno is pretty awesome. I've kind of fallen in love with Yoko Kanno lately.

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Aug. 2nd, 2009 @ 12:10 pm
Hooray, Softlights has a new and excellent song on their MySpace! Man, I love that group.

You know, some days I feel like I'm wasting my time roleplaying. It's selfish and self-indulgent, you know? Doesn't do a thing for anybody except me. But then I have a thread that's just so fun that I almost feel like I've contributed to making the world a better place just for having written for it, as though my happiness at it somehow influences anyone but me. Dumb, right? Totally irrational. But the same feelings come whenever I have enormous fun with other people regardless of how it happens. It's just that through RP, it can happen several times a week if things go well. Hm.

I finally finished the Emerald chapter of Pokesoup. Epic, excellent ending, 'though the beginning half was kind of slow. Nonstop battles woooo. But now I'm out of Pokederp manga! D:

...So I did a meme! Here it is: clicky clicky )

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I win! Jul. 2nd, 2009 @ 01:20 pm
SO awesome thing happened at work the other day. I was sitting up in the tea room- that's pretty out of the way, but someone's gotta be upstairs whenever there's a patron there. I stay up there so no one has to fuss about going up and so I can get away from people for a while. Also, I can bring my laptop and listen to music and stuff.

Anyway! I'm sitting there playing Hey Jude by the Beatles and this guy who's been hovering a little bit comes in and goes, 'hey, awesome taste in music! :D' So we talk for a bit; he's got a bunch of Simon and Garfunkel on his phone, he's got a friend who's all about the Beatles, I'm just getting into that stuff.

Blah blah blah. )

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What is up with Japan and giving rocket beetles Kansai accents? :o Jun. 18th, 2009 @ 11:24 pm
*v* S-someone in the past year uploaded all of the Digimon Adventure image songs to YouTube. brb, sobbing with joy. Here, Izzy's: [Version Up!] Lyrics are here. Oh man this song makes me so happy. SOME DAY I WILL FIND THAT CD AND BUY IT. MOCK ME ALL YOU WANT. Also efff yeah I still love Butterfly and I Wish and and and all of them asdghowe Here is the whole danged playlist! MY DAY IS MADE, FOLKS.

Oh hey also also also

-- (Oh man I love Chigau Boku ga Iru and Walk on the Edge!) --

also! Zarla posted another screencap thingie of The Origin of Mewtwo a while back. IT IS AWESOME because I had never even found a good translation of it and suddenly bam here it is. THIS IS THE INTRODUCTION TO THE MOVIE IN JAPAN. IT HAD TO BE REMOVED BEFORE IT WAS RELEASED IN NORTH AMERICA BECAUSE IT MADE THE REST OF THE MOVIE MAKE SLIGHTLY MORE SENSE.

Anyway be right back, dudes, heading to Victoria! If all goes as I hope, I will be spending time on my uncle's sailboat and chilling with my grandparents for the next few days! Will try to check in but I make no promises- I might end up getting punched out by my grandma if I waste time on the computer while visiting. :3

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it has been awfully hot lately | Jun. 16th, 2009 @ 01:58 am
Writing this down now because I just remembered randomly and I'll forget again in a few minutes:

Gave a tour to some kids the other day.

At the end of it, I was randomly given two hugs and had a kid estimate my age to be 39. Upon discovering I was twenty, he went on to tell me I would die in forty-something years. Forty-seven, I think.

Oh dear.

PS. Old popular music is awesome. Nat King Cole? Effin' eff yeah! :B

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Jun. 7th, 2009 @ 09:47 pm
aaaaaugh my computer. Now it doesn't know it has a touchpad. A touchpad. PI. PI THAT IS BUILT INTO YOU. YOU CAN DO THIS. But I don't even know why it was a surprise. He's been doing that with the speakers for about half a year now.

I think I need a new computer. A friend suggested that it might be a virus so I had McAfee scan the hard drive. It made it to about 70 percent before the computer (as it has been prone to do lately) and it froze up completely. I had to restart it.

I apparently need a new computer. One that's not an Acer.

In the meantime, I'm using my sister's old laptop and it feels really weird. JEN JEN DOES THIS COMPUTER HAVE A NAME? IS IT A BOYDUDE OR A GIRLDUDE? COME ON YOU HAVE TO HAVE NAMED IT.


WHAT THE DEVIL DID YOU DO TO THIS KEYBOARD? IT IS ALL MASHED UP. HALF THE TIME THE 'U' DOESN'T EVEN WORK. The up button is even worse why is it inside-out, jen, why?

But it's still better than Pi. Sob. A song for his memory. "Compressed farewell song" indeed.

Hey, I discovered some little group that no one's ever heard of called Simon & Garfunkel hurrr :B But I really like their stuff. Uh, a couple of my favourites: At the Zoo
7 O'Clock News
And naturally The Sound of Silence, I am a Rock, Scarborough Fair and more. :B

I just found out that the free wireless that for some reason we have downtown connects to the internet. I can dick around the internet when work is slow if I bring my laptop! I could anyway because the computers there have internet access but it somehow feels sleazy to use work computers to slack off, I don't know.

I worked a little on that essay I was thinking about regarding my weird morals when it comes to downloading, but it needs to be completely reworked. It rambles like a fairy-tale path, if you get my meaning.

Oh! And back to Vocaloids for a moment! The newest in the series is Luca, and she is equipped to sing in English. Here, check these fella's out:

Since we're on the topic of Simon and Garfunkel, Scarborough Fair
Video Killed the Radio Star
It Don't Mean A Thing I have been on such a jazz kick lately, it's kind of unusual.

Man I love those hollow soulless voices. :3

ALSO I've figured out where all of the intelligent commenters on YouTube are hiding! Opera videos! Here, Niun mi tema performed by Jon Vickers. This guy is from my hometown, dudes! He's one of our half-dozen people who lived here to ever be famous. CHECK OUT THE COMMENTS! IT IS SURREAL.

uh i'm abot done now.

Gdit this keyboard is going to make typing a pain. :v

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hassasdgoiahw I just typed up a huge gigantic list of links and then deleted it all. :[ GJ SELF.





*Warning: contains Japan.

**If you're looking for this footnote, look a few paragraphs up. I know, I know...

Edit a million years later: Look other music

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MOOD TODAY: CONFLICTED May. 5th, 2009 @ 11:46 pm
I forgot to mention that before my interview I went and got a haircut because I had really fricking long hair. I don't any more- I instructed my hair...dresser dude. Uh, his name is Darrell. I basically told Darrell that I needed to look respectable for a job interview and that I like having my stupid long bangs* but everything needed to be cut.

I came out looking more than ever like the incredible fusion of Quatre Winner and Koushiro Izumi. That made me smile.

But then today I realized that it also makes me look more than ever like Archie (from the comic). HM. CONFLICTED.

Oh also, I got the museum job! 8D And from the sounds of it, more than one of my friends got in as well! Score!. Guh, I kind of feel like I don't deserve it, though, because apparently the dude interviewing me plays bridge with my grandparents and one of my references is a member of the Historical Society and is a family friend... but I hardly know her personally. It was pretty much blatant name dropping. :/ Aaaaaand augh. :/ He did say that it was Charlotte- my manager from Sears- who he called for a reference, so that's something, at least. There's no way that anything but my own value as a worker has influenced her.

Guh, but I'm feeling like they need me at the clinic to take care of filing, too, which pays more buuuut I'll be working in the same building as my parents which is just not good on a resume and besides, filing is so much less awesome that giving tours around museums (and downtown PA**) ANYWAY, I AM CONFLICTED HERE, TOO, except there isn't really any way to say no to this job. I want it so badly and now I have it and augh I wish I knew that I deserved it!

FINALLY, I am conflicted about this video. I'll warn you right now, it is very typically Japanese***. BUT I DIG THE MUSIC and the gratuitous fighting.

*Dangit, I'm not making eye contact with just anyone!

**I'd better go buy a knife or something, haha. :B except aaaaaaaaa

***For those of you who aren't giant weeaboos giant weeaboos, that means (possibly underage) pantyshots.**** And, uh, hammerspace in Miku's... skirt. 8| JAPAN I JUST DON'T KNOW ANY MORE. It ends with a valuable lesson, though- it's okay to snoop at girls underwear as long as you don't take any. wtfffffff

****But not as underage as some I've seen, thank you very cute video with a what, six-year old chibi Pikachu moemon that ended with her falling over and showing her panties. THANKS JAPAN JUST WHAT EVERYONE WANTS TO SEE TEE HEE~ SURPRISE PEDOPHILIA~ >:|


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JUST WILD BEAT COMMUNICATION Apr. 14th, 2009 @ 04:52 am
It is 5 am and I have Just Communication stuck in my head.

You try sleeping with this on infinite repeat!

At least it isn't White Letter again. Although that song is adorable. Or ...uh, this. Vocaloids are kind of cool, duhrrr. Everything I listen to is incredibly obnoxious. :|


Okay, sleep now.

sameta furi suru koto de
otona ni nante narenai
agh go awaaaay.

PS: Incredibly obnoxious.

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Biology has ruined salads for me. Apr. 9th, 2009 @ 01:10 am
This is a rather nice song along with some wonderful stop motion: [Her Morning Elegance]

I created a RP account on a total whim for the character Montblanc from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, FF XII, and FF Tactics Advance A2. The username? [livejournal.com profile] lookouthalifax. If you get the joke, I'll be impressed. Even more so if you aren't Canadian. Montblanc is rather difficult to find icons for, unfortunately; I may have to create some of my own out of the little fan art there is at some point. I don't even know if I'll play him anywhere, but the name was just too good to pass up.

I've been feeling rather apathetic lately toward nearly all things wonderful. I'm studying fairly well, fortunately, but probably not well enough. It might actually be a good thing that my motivation for the things that usually keep me happily distracted is gone, but the absence has left me in a state of boredom most of the time.

I keep on typing entries (and comments to others' entries) and then deleting them, which is rather ridiculous. It's that kind of feeling, I suppose. Not 'i just don't care,' apathy, but 'what am i trying to say this is worthless' apathy. I would guess that this is all the result of stress from the upcoming finals; my first is on the thirteenth- Plant Biology. I am much more worried about Biochemistry and Calculus.

I'm sick of being all earth and no fire, but I am working methodically to remedy this.
Sometimes I make jokes.

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derp mostly youtube links Nov. 20th, 2008 @ 11:34 am
My music lately:

Edit: Ah, fair warning, there may be spoilers in the videos, if they are from something that you want to see or play.

Fly Me to the Moon by Olivia Ong.
Still Alive from Portal (big spoilers, by the way).
L'Autre Bout du Monde by Emily Loizeau.
Komm, süßer Tod from The End of Evangelion.
Far Off Promise & To Good Friends from Chrono Trigger. The guitar arrangement is really lovely.
Sora by Yoko Kanno. It's actually a pretty good AMV for KHII, as well.
Rikku's Theme from Final Fantasy X.
Ai no Uta by Strawberry Flower.
Namida Ga Afureta, its companion and my favourite of the two.
You're Not Alone from Final Fantasy IX.
This song. Eight Melodies, I think? I don't know if it's a compilation of more songs or what. I assume so. ...I am so very upset that there is no way for me to play most of that series. It is just so beautiful and quirky and augh :< "No crying until the end."

Aheh, I don't have the time for this. I've got to write a ten page paper for the twenty-fourth that I still need to do a lot of research for. I am strangely unmotivated, today. Fortunately, Charlotte was able to arrange for me to get Saturday off from work so that I can work all weekend.
There's so many important things happening in the next little while that I need to do!

Here's something I drew a little while ago. As I said in the description, it's as honest as I could manage to draw. I could list what's wrong with it (I just backspaced exactly that, actually) but to be honest I think I did an alright job.

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memememememe Sep. 27th, 2008 @ 02:06 am
take a picture of yourself right now. don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair - just take a picture. post that picture with NO editing. post these instructions with the picture.

Haha, like the internet needs to see this. I decided to possibly bend the rules and take more than one. The first... was rather interesting to behold. xD

I'm rather proud of my nose, actually. )

Man, I keep on listening to A Rose for Zelda, which [livejournal.com profile] kuna_emie sent to me. It is a really, really nice song. I love all of the Ocarina of Time melodies, but Zelda's Lullaby always stuck with me. I really like how it seems to fall apart as the song progresses, but it still carries the underlying theme. And then it gets pulled back together at the last moment... It's really quite nice. I'm sure that the associations that I have with that song aren't hurting my opinion, either.

...Man, ex-girlfriends are even more confusing than girlfriends. :BBBB SORRY I'M KIND OF A DUNCE, SARAH!

Did you get the pun in the subject line? I hope so. I love puns.

Holy crap that was a mad busy day. I promise I'll reply to the RL with Giro tomorrow, Bass-mun CB Izumi kuna-emie adghwia WHAT DO YOU PREFER TO BE CALLED, ANYWAY?
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I do these things so you guys don't have to. You all owe me now.

Man, I keep starting to write an entry and then abandoning it. :/

This song is my new favourite for the moment. Give 'er a listen! There is one moment -around 1:25- that just really gets to me. The cello swelling up for just a moment, then returning to its accustomed place below the melody. Gave me goose-bumps.

I wonder, does this happen to other people? Chills and goose bumps caused by music? It happens far more when I am playing music than when I am listening to it. When everything is perfect- it doesn't need to be correct- it has happened in band class when we weren't playing exactly what was on the paper in front of us, but it all worked anyway. ...Anyway, I goose bump and kind of shiver and if that moment would last forever I would die happy.
...This ever happen to you guys?

I'm soooo bored but for some reason none of my current games are appealing to me. And I am not starting a new game! I've got about a thousand underway already.

Haha, so when Sarah read my response to the meme I posted the other day where I said I as a loser at saving money, she said something along the lines of, 'wtf you are the cheapest person I know.' WHAT SHE DOESN'T KNOW is that I spent all summer working in a mall with a store that sells used games. I am seriously compelled to buy used games! IT IS SAD. But I'm always like, adghik;ahw I will never get it this cheap again. Also, I've had games that I wanted go totally out of stock and vanish forever before I got around to picking them up! So I wasted tons of money on used games that I know are going to be awesome but man I should have more sense than this. On the bright side, I was able to get a copy of Mega Man 64! How awesome is that? i mean.

I've been a little worried lately because I have lost a huge portion of my appetite, but I think I know why now, so it's all good. I'm starting up on some new medicine, and I'll betcha this is just an unexpected side-effect. It's actually kind of the opposite of what I was told to expect, but different stuff affects different people differently, right? I totally deliberately experimentally verified this by forgetting my medicine the other day and it was like, wham! Hungry same as always. :>

I've got a book shelf, now! My books can come out from being buried in a box underneath my table.

Oh! I just remembered! I had a dream a while ago, and I wrote it down because apparently that helps you remember dreams in the future and man would I like to know what goes on in my head during the night. Because I know that other people's dreams are boring, I'll just cut it for you all: Paging Dr. Freud, Dr. Freud. )

Also: I am totally going to get kicked out of college for accessing border-line not works safe things on the university's 'net. It is so not my fault, too. The internet is just a scary place and dagnabbit you can't even check someone's friend's list without something appearing! :0

PS. OCRemixes are the best things ever. <3

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Megaman Kick (did you notice?) + Music Jul. 13th, 2008 @ 06:23 pm
So uh Protoman's theme here is all kinds of sexy. It's jazzy and broody, which I really do like. And I do love melodic themes! Actually, I'm liking a lot of the Megaman music I've found.

Now, who wants some songs about gay robots? [1][2][3]

...What? NO WAIT LISTEN! I don't have that much mindlessly upbeat music on my computer, or among my CDs. I have to search YouTube for stuff like that, and that leads to some kinda weird places! It's like Wikipedia, where you're looking up the location of Mauritania and suddenly you're learning new and fascinating things about the stomachs of goats.

Speaking of bizarre stuff found on YouTube, here's one for you Mario fans!
Well, men compete with their hearts!
No, I don't know why they've got Luigi making a Yoshi noise.

Back to Megaman, though, it's become a momentary obsession. I can't believe I'd never even looked at the series! I guess I'm more of a Nintentard than I thought. There's some good music here! Haha, I guess I owe this little obsession to [livejournal.com profile] kuna_emie, so thanks to ya! :D

Ho man, did I say I liked those songs above? I like this even more. I love OverClocked Remix so much. <3 Remixes remixes remixes!

Mm, this post is as much links as it is anything else!

We had thunder today, and then about three minutes of heavy rain and nothing more. Disappointing!

Oh, I woke up last night bleeding, and it started up again this morning. It's never been this bad before.

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Awesome music. I heart I heart I heart May. 2nd, 2008 @ 02:27 am
Check this out: Linky linky!
You can flip forward through the concert using the responses.
I swear, I play Final Fantasy games as much for the music as for everything else combined. And here is a whole symphony playing a bunch of the most excellent pieces. &hearts

I applied for a handful of jobs today. I'm mostly hoping for Mcnalley Robinson, because a book store would be swell. Alternatively, Laura Secord would be pretty awesome. Chocolate store? Who cares if I spend my wages while I work? 8D

I am now officially living with Sarah! :D

...Oh, track six. You're Not Alone. I have so much emotion attached to Final Fantasy IX, and this song more than almost any other. I swear to God, Scott, some day I am going to sit you down and MAKE you like this game. I WILL HAVE YOU IN TEARS. :<<<

Track eight, from Final Fantasy VII is another really touching one. Also, at 1:04 you can watch a guy pick his nose. Despite myself, I find myself fond of that living tampon weak pink fluffy healy Aeris, in part due to this song.

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musical insomnia May. 31st, 2007 @ 12:36 am
Darn 'Beethoven's Last Night,' making me all introspective and dopey.

If I hadn't been listening to it I could have gone to bed at a reasonable time.

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Music Soundtrack Life Magic Wonder Awesome Heart Ears Elephant Kentucky May. 10th, 2007 @ 10:45 pm
Stolen shamelessly from [livejournal.com profile] fuggetlenseq

Soundtrack of My Life
If your life was a movie, what would the soundtrack be? So, here's how it >works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool this is real weird.

Opening Credits: LORD PROTEKTOR, an OC Remix of a song from Actraiser. Not bad for opening Credits, actually. I could totally see something going on while white names are hovering on screen.

Waking Up: An arrangement of GERUDO VALLEY! (Gerudo Valley- Yamaha, for the curious) A bit more upbeat than my mornings go, but hey what an awesome song to get you moving in the morning. Mad crazy.

First Day At School: Another OCR, Liquid Mario. Not a first day of school song god. Unless it were ironic, but it's way too hecka calm for a first day of school.

Falling In Love: Doga and Une from FFIX. Uh. A sweet song, but not a passionate one. Fair enough.

Fight Song: Elastic New Year, a remix from Yoshi's Island. This must be quite the fight... Maybe it's an ironic duel? Way ironic. Huh, I can't find the link. Oh well... That's too bad.

Breaking Up: SNRK Ska Poppin' from Balloon Fight. It's another remix, and THE BEST BREAKUP EVER! :D:D:D No luck for this link either. :< Bummer. Ask me to play this for you at some point.

Prom: Dancer Master. I swear to god. :< Another OCR, also inappropriate. I mean, this is quite the prom.

Life: Uh. Okay. Incommunicado by Harvey Danger. One that some of you might actually already know! =D
Wait this is probably bad.

Mental breakdown: Black and White, an OCR that was taken down but I got from [livejournal.com profile] zarla. So basically I am freaking insane, but in a floating on clouds and speaking to colours sort of way. I'm suddenly enlightened, but instead of serenity there is just awesome.

Driving: Diddy Evolution, from Donkey Kong Country. Huh. I guess there's worse driving music. Actually, it's not bad at all. Another OCR.

Flashback: Heh, ironic. Time Punk, a speedy little Remix that must be for an upbeat sort of flashback.

Getting back together: Cry From The Forest, another OCR. Pretty awesome. I could stand getting back together to this song- it's just sappy enough.

Birth of Child: Okay here's hoping for something awesome. 3. 2. 1. GO!
Oh. No way. Well, here goes- Bubble Bobble Techno Remix. God. God. :O
I can't find this one's link. Bummer.

Death Scene: HERE WE GO I AM ALL OVER THIS SONG OKAY! Nothing To Regret, music I would be A-Okay to die by. I'm totally dieing after doing something dramatic for a cause or something.

Funeral Song: Fossil Roo Not a funeral song. I mean, it's not a tremendously happy song, but it'll leave the guests expecting something freaky to occur. Too eerie for my funeral, thanks much.

End Credits: Largo from Vivaldi's concerto for Guitar, 2 Violins and Basso Continuo in D major RV93, played by Narciso Yepes. A good song for an unhappy ending. Or at least not a happy one. Huh. Quite mellow.

See, the problem with this is that I don't have my CDs on my laptop, and none of the rest of you know any of the OCRs. OH I KNOW! Okay. I am going to go back and link to EVERY SINGLE OCR that was played. That's, what, all but four? This'll take a few minutes. You're all lucky I want to be Zarla when I grow up. :P

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