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tl;dr: borrowed laptop. that's all that really matters. Mar. 3rd, 2011 @ 05:21 pm
Okay um, because I know you were all on the edge of your seats worrying about my computer woes, I'm borrowing [profile] liquidbiohazard's old laptop until mine is done being complete garbage. It is a mac, so it's kind of stupefying, but I think overall it is probably a good thing to have an opportunity to get my claws into a new operating system and figure out its quirks and all that. It's actually kind of awesome. Although geeze, Sarah, you don't even have ad block plus on this thing, what's up with that? You're going to get embedded advertising malware which does exist for macs no matter how rare it is. Umm, so I'm going to add it to the short list of add-ons that you said it was okay to download. Just for the record, I guess. I could leave it when I'm done with the thing, if you want? If not, then uh I'll just kill it with the rest of the garbage I download. It is probably not a thing that matters very much at all.

And uh, thanks again, by the way.

...Wow okay there used to be three more paragraphs but something dreadful happened between the post button and the part where you actually get to read what I wrote. It involved every word being surrounded by = signs and " marks, and I don't want to go through half an hour of correcting it because geeze what's up with that, what a pain. It wasn't important anyway, just my typical wordvomit and rambling metaphors (which I am finding increasingly amusing and conductive to rendering everything I say as illegible as my handwriting is).

actually here it is behind the cut just so you can see how painful it is )

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memememememe Sep. 27th, 2008 @ 02:06 am
take a picture of yourself right now. don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair - just take a picture. post that picture with NO editing. post these instructions with the picture.

Haha, like the internet needs to see this. I decided to possibly bend the rules and take more than one. The first... was rather interesting to behold. xD

I'm rather proud of my nose, actually. )

Man, I keep on listening to A Rose for Zelda, which [livejournal.com profile] kuna_emie sent to me. It is a really, really nice song. I love all of the Ocarina of Time melodies, but Zelda's Lullaby always stuck with me. I really like how it seems to fall apart as the song progresses, but it still carries the underlying theme. And then it gets pulled back together at the last moment... It's really quite nice. I'm sure that the associations that I have with that song aren't hurting my opinion, either.

...Man, ex-girlfriends are even more confusing than girlfriends. :BBBB SORRY I'M KIND OF A DUNCE, SARAH!

Did you get the pun in the subject line? I hope so. I love puns.

Holy crap that was a mad busy day. I promise I'll reply to the RL with Giro tomorrow, Bass-mun CB Izumi kuna-emie adghwia WHAT DO YOU PREFER TO BE CALLED, ANYWAY?
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news news news Aug. 20th, 2008 @ 08:10 pm
Sarah's decided to move out, and I am going to need to get a roommate who is awesome and with whom I can have zany roommate adventures, aheh.

Uh, I am a massive push-over and agreed to work an additional day at Sobeys even though I hate it there. Oh well... The money will be welcome and it's only a short shift. Bleeeeeh.

I'm reading Interpretation of Dreams by Freud. It's interesting! I just wish I could remember my dreams more often*, so that I could confirm some of the things discussed. Did you know that people have dreams that are totally dependant on alliteration? How awesome is that!

I've noticed that he has once or twice in the first chapter stated things as though they lead to an obvious conclusion when they ... really don't. Or maybe I just am not quite smart enough... but as far as I can see all he's proved is that people who believe that we keep our morality in dreams but do immoral things are hypocritical and not perfect, not that they're wrong about it.

Also, he is mad butthurt in his 1909 postscript to chapter 1! XD It's hilarious!


Work today was very blah right until the end, when I helped this pair of awesome friendly people who had like fifty watches. They loved me and I loved them, and I got a tip and told that I was like the master of customer service. Score!

*Most recent dream I can remember is of me mispronouncing 'Bass' like the fish instead of like the musical term, and then feeling abysmally stupid for it. I have no idea to whom I was talking, or why Bass was brought up. :B

Aug. 16th, 2008 @ 08:54 pm
See, I should definitely write every two or three days. Things happened, and I can scarcely remember them! [Bad username or site: fuggetlenseqghio2[w43etgeOhscrewthis @ livejournal.com] BETH came and visited me on Thuuuursday, which was awesome because she is one of my closest and oldest friends and always will be forever and ever so there.

Lets try that again; apparently I'm in an incoherent mood.

Beth came and visited! She brought Hannah, who I don't know very well (but I do like) and they spent the night because they had to bus out from S'toon VERY VERY early in the morning. She'll be back on Monday, too! And on Friday, my grandparents came into town and bought me lunch at work, then later we went out and did stuff with my sister. Then they had to go so Jen, Scott and I went to Boston Pizza for supper. :D After all of this seeing people, it is nice to relax for a day or so!

Uhhhh what else have I been doing? I had so much to write about!

Oh! I finished Tender Is The Night on Friday. It was... interesting. Good, of course. I'm sure that I wouldn't have understood it half as well if I hadn't just broken up with Sarah. IT WAS MY DESTINY TO UNDERSTAND THIS BOOK. It was actually pretty cathartic. I am by no means half as likable as Dr. Diver, but I couldn't help but notice a handful of parallels in the book to my recently ended relationship. Toward the end- at the point at which you know that its over, but there's nothing to really boot it over the edge. I'm definitely getting myself in trouble, here. Hee.

Speaking of the breakup, I was really surprised at first by my grandma's response to the news, although I shouldn't have been, knowing her.
"Good," she said. It's not that she dislikes Sarah (SHE DOESN'T, SARAH. I SWEAR). It's that she thinks that I'm too young to miss out on experiencing other things, other people. She really is an exceptional person, and maybe she's right. For both of us.


Also, the translation of BN4 is noticeably more clumsy than that of BN3. It's too bad, really! But still fun.

Tum tum tum, what else. I'm sad that the Pokemon RP I'm in dieeed. I had such plans for Emira! I'm thinking of moving her over to [livejournal.com profile] pokedressing, which accepts OCs. She'd be madly out of place, but oh well! It's just a crack-community anyway.

I've been collecting quotes, recently. I like quotes! But it's really unsatisfying t-WAS THAT THUNDER? AWESOME! I HAD NO IDEA WE HAD A STORM BREWING!-o just rip them out of a book of quotes. Context is so important. It's inspired by a few different sources- Watership Down starts every chapter with a quote. Mrs. Who* speaks almost solely in -LIGHTNING WOOO- quotations. Other... books... there's another book or series that is important to me that does the same as Watership Down, but I can't remember what it is at the moment! But these are all reasons! I've been writing the quotes down in my little book that I take everywhere and I will always have them on hand. Quotes that are too large to get down just get bookmarked.

Only one week left at Sobeys! Thank god! Bizarrely-Nice-Guy definitely thinks I hate him, though. I'm awful at that job, even when I'm medicated.


Have a quote.

"He stayed in the big room a long time listening to the buzz of the electric clock, listening to time."

-Tender Is The Night, by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Tch. They all lose so much to a lack of context. But this line really did jump out at me.
Have something from my Latin text, as well.

"vitia erunt donec homines."


Or, in English, "While there are humans, there will be faults." It's rather obvious, I suppose.

*No relation to the Doctor. Althoooough...

Pokemon and Fitzgerald Aug. 12th, 2008 @ 11:25 pm
You know~, I think a certain someone is just teasing me about watching Pokemon because she's embarrassed at liking it herself~!

Totally watched The First Movie today!

Pikachu's Vacation is interspersed with bizarre acid trips. The first is the freakiest, I think... :o

And now I've found a few things that I've been doing wrong in the Roleplay, too... Oops. :B

So I'm reading Tender Is The Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I must be a very shallow person, to fall in love with a character only a paragraph after she is first described. This line, though, is perfect:

"Her face was hard and lovely and pitiful."

...Yes, that's what made me fall in love with a character. This is only the fourth or fifth sentence in which she is even mentioned. Don't you guys like the contrasts there, though? How nothing there excludes the others, but none of the three is at all connected with any other? It's so much better in context, of course.

I wish that I could share with you some of the more substantial quotes, but they can go on for paragraphs. What's especially interesting is when a character speaks about The Great War- the language that's used is so fanciful and remote.

It's an odd coincidence that 'Campion' is a name used in the two most recent books I've read. I've never seen it used before...

life is so hard Aug. 5th, 2008 @ 03:07 pm
Day off today, due to an orthodontist appointment. I seriously needed this, due to getting a bit burned out and also because I was up very late being broken up with.

...Yeeeeah. But I'm pretty okay with it. I've always known that I'm a better friend than I am a boyfriend. And there were plenty of warning signs that even I couldn't miss.

More on this later, maybe? I don't know exactly how much Sarah wants me to say.

The Rules Of Manliness require that I refer to her frequently as 'my psychotic ex' or 'that psycho bitch,' but somehow I'm not quite up to it. I do hope I won't get kicked from the club.
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Four Important Points Apr. 30th, 2008 @ 01:56 am
Firstly, there is something very wrong with me; I love this. IF I STARTED MY DAY WITH THIS VIDEO, EVERY DAY WOULD BE EXCELLENT, I AM SURE.

Secondly, I realized today that I would live in conditions of abject poverty if not for Sarah. I am`soooo cheap! BUT SHE CAN GET A DARNED BED FRAME ON HER OWN DIME! >>>>: If anyone wants to stay here, they can be content to sleep on whatever the heck I've got. At least there's a mattress, now!

Thirdly, when I was home the other day, my mom told me I looked like an anime character. Jen helpfully pointed out that you could kinda see my eyes through my overgrown hair (~<3 I love you, massively overgrown hair). My response to this was the verbal equivalent to uiapwb4eto9pabtwpbg. But it got me wondering, has my limited exposure to anime actually had an effect on what I like about my appearance? I mean, I can count the series I've been exposed to on one hand (...maybe one and a half.), but it's not like I fit into the western archtypes of attractiveness. Could it be that in my foolish, impressionable years (when I looked like a girl, essentially!) I latched onto the idea that stupid hair and ridiculous hips are cool after being exposed to a medium in which half of the guys looked like girls anyway? :O

Fourthly, RP is a wonderful thing. I'm playing a hateful and powerful character in an online RP Don't ask who or where, I'll never tell. You'll make fun! :P SARAH, YOU ARE FORBIDDEN TO TELL! and I found myself arguing the opposite of my beliefs because it is in-character to do so. I just thought that this was pretty much the awesomest thing ever, because that is what roleplay is all about.

Fifthly, Sarah demands that I show affection to her for the online world to view. I ~luuuurve~ you, Sarah! &hearts&hearts

...I am all but moved out of Res. I swear to God, though, Koel had better not leave the room a mess. I will FIND HIM, and KILL HIM. D|< Now to start applying for jobs. My resume is awful, but I'm sure I won't have trouble finding something. This is Saskatoon in summer, after all!

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