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tl;dr: borrowed laptop. that's all that really matters. Mar. 3rd, 2011 @ 05:21 pm
Okay um, because I know you were all on the edge of your seats worrying about my computer woes, I'm borrowing [profile] liquidbiohazard's old laptop until mine is done being complete garbage. It is a mac, so it's kind of stupefying, but I think overall it is probably a good thing to have an opportunity to get my claws into a new operating system and figure out its quirks and all that. It's actually kind of awesome. Although geeze, Sarah, you don't even have ad block plus on this thing, what's up with that? You're going to get embedded advertising malware which does exist for macs no matter how rare it is. Umm, so I'm going to add it to the short list of add-ons that you said it was okay to download. Just for the record, I guess. I could leave it when I'm done with the thing, if you want? If not, then uh I'll just kill it with the rest of the garbage I download. It is probably not a thing that matters very much at all.

And uh, thanks again, by the way.

...Wow okay there used to be three more paragraphs but something dreadful happened between the post button and the part where you actually get to read what I wrote. It involved every word being surrounded by = signs and " marks, and I don't want to go through half an hour of correcting it because geeze what's up with that, what a pain. It wasn't important anyway, just my typical wordvomit and rambling metaphors (which I am finding increasingly amusing and conductive to rendering everything I say as illegible as my handwriting is).

actually here it is behind the cut just so you can see how painful it is )

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Hotel Dusk: Room 215 Jun. 10th, 2010 @ 01:50 pm
I finished two games that I'd been plugging away at for a while, and I wanted to kind of write about one now because it's a game that passed under a lot of people's radars that deserves a lot more recognition.

Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is awesome. It kind of feels like detective noir, really- set in the 70s and starring the gruff ex-cop Kyle Hyde*, Hotel Dusk is actually a pretty complicated story. Its strength is in its realistic characters, I think, and the general mood. It's not a pretty game. The art is awesome, of course, particularly the character portraits during conversation, which looks like animated sketchy pen drawings. It's not pretty in its depiction of the world, rather: the hotel itself is old and run-down, Spoilers below )

NEXT TIME: Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. And now with these out of the way maybe I can get started on playing the new Pokemon. I can hardly believe I put it off for so long.

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I am a giant, not so big but very wise. Before I go please hear my advice. Jan. 31st, 2010 @ 03:10 am
I remember this as one of one of the things I intended to talk about, but I have a better idea.

We The Giants is a flash game by Peter Groeneweg. It takes fewer than five minutes to finish, and is, I think, the kind of game that I'd like to defend as having intellectual and artistic value.

I'd really like to hear other people's thoughts on it, though, if anyone is willing to oblige.

A few of my favourite quotes pertaining to this game:

best read once you have finished it )

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woo just being pretentious don't mind me Jan. 8th, 2010 @ 08:22 pm
Agh, I swear I'm just a death sentence for computers or something. :< My brand new Gateway died right in the middle of my studying for finals, and they won't fix it on location because Acer demands that all warranties within a year of purchase be sent to them. aaaaagh

FORTUNATELY I STILL HAVE [livejournal.com profile] couldbesunshine'S OLD COMPUTER WITH PIECES FALLING OFF OF IT, RIGHT? So I can just use that for the next eight million years until Trap is taken care of. :I

And someone bought my Mewtwo at DDD a paid account at Christmas, too! I NEED MY ICONS. I HAVE 50+ MEWTWO ICONS ON THAT COMPUTER AND I CAN'T EVEN TOUCH THEM. Angst. So hey, if anyone knows where I can find a handful of those, let me know. :< Anon probably already feels like I don't care because I didn't post a thank you until the fourth of January, let's not make it any worse!

Also on my computer were the links to things I wanted to write about. I've been reading up on online video game culture, such as it is. Reading blogs like Cruise Elroy which I adore for its insight into the music behind video games and intelligent discussion, The Brainy Gamer, Sexy Videogameland, and a handful more whose urls I can't remember. I've also been watching videos related to the medium, from Zero Punctuation to kirithem's short analyses of issues in videogames. I've already read plenty of video game webcomics, but there's no doubt that Penny Arcade is the single most influential of them and perhaps the most influential video game blog on the internet. What I was looking for was an insightful analysis of video games as a legitimate medium of expression (or dare I say art) instead of a fun waste of time. I found it many times over, and each of them was as provocative as I hoped they would be. I certainly don't agree with everything I read and heard, but the fact that the subject is being considered is important.

I'm going to hold off on going into depth about anything until I have my links in front of me, but I'd like to pose a question to each of you: do you have anything not listed here that you think is relevant? You don't necessarily need to agree with the commentary, so long as it's legitimate and somewhat coherent.

Much appreciated, ladies and gents!

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Links, before I forget again. Mar. 3rd, 2009 @ 04:26 pm
Alrighty, some links that I promised to get to Beth-of-the-impossible-username but forgot about:

[livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets is pretty much my only source of pop culture. It is where people confess to wanting to hit the Joker and tell people they hate them forever if they like (or dislike) Twilight. It is very wanky and frequently interesting or funny. No, I've never submitted a secret- I try to be more straightforward than that.

Fandom Danger is a site about some crazies who are or were involved in FFVII fandom. Have you really never heard of a soulbonder/otherkin/otakukin/etc before? This is a pretty extreme example, but, uh, they exist. Also interesting, but in a very different way.

And [this] is where you can download the translation patch to MOTHER 3. You sonuva, getting to play it while I wallow in uncertainty! You know, I even downloaded it but I couldn't start playing it without getting all twitchy, hurr.

Oh, and if you want to get a look at MOTHER 2 (Earthbound), [livejournal.com profile] zarla did do a screencap adventure of it. I can find a link to page one without much difficulty.

It really is unfortunate, the way that Nintendo has handled that series. Did you know that MOTHER (Earthbound Zero) was actually translated but not released! Wtf, Nintendo. And then MOTHER 3 was just... never even translated. For unknown reasons, because it apparently sold pretty well. :|

They couldn't help but make a massive profit if they were to release it on the Virtual Console, you know. The day I hear of any MOTHER game being released for Wii, I am marching my butt down to the nearest retailer and buying one, assuming that I don't have one already by that point. And I will, because it will never happen! Nintendo, you have crushed my dreams.

...Firefox has 'sonuvabitch' in its dictionary. xD Firefox, you should not be advising that I call my friends that.

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Out flew the web and floated wide; Feb. 22nd, 2009 @ 08:34 pm
Wow, and I meant to be useful today! :V

Jen, soror optima, I think the day you gave me your old Pokemon Pinball game (you did that, by the way) you did me a grave disservice. It seems that I am more concerned with evolving a Weedle all the way to a Beedrill to complete that Pokedex than I am with editing my letter to Dr. What's-his-name or writing the character essay I'm been itching to do for a quarter of a year. Or playing Chrono Trigger, putting my evolving morals down on paper, replying to waiting tags in my RPs, and least of all studying.

Mm, so I showed my brother a couple episodes of Cowboy Bebop over the break, thus kickstarting my much needed project to make him as dorky as the rest of his family. He seemed to like it, although maybe he was just glad to actually spend time with me and would have watched anything. I think he must get lonely; I always hear how his group of friends has prodigious amounts of drama, and you can't really relax with that kind of people. He's the only kid left in the house at this point, which must be strange after growing up with Jen and I. I should probably visit more often.

Have I ever mentioned that I'm just awful at classic side-scrollers? I bought the Sonic Mega Collection a while back, which is a handful of classic Sonic games. It took several game overs before I made it out of Green Hill Zone in the first game! I dig the idea, though, of using the collectible rings as health. I never really understood how unique that was until I played with it myself.

Agh, I better at least work on that letter, then those tags, then maybe learn a bit about Jews. Haha, OR I COULD EAT. RIGHT. I just remembered that all I've eaten today is some crackers and some chips. To the kitchen!



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Somehow, I lived. Jul. 10th, 2008 @ 12:20 am
So uh today some guy threatened to beat me up. And I laughed, because it was bizarre! XD

I took my lunch and ate it outside 'cause it was nice out, and this guy was walking past with a group of friends. He wanted some of my drink, to which I replied, 'Haha, no way!' (because seriously, what? What kind of person asks to share the drink of some random guy on the street?) and he tried acting tough to me and I was politely bemused the whole time. Only... I got the giggles. XD I mean, who wants to fight someone over something like that?

And this wasn't a 'rrr I'm tough and laughing in your face' thing, I'm talking real laughter going on here. I clearly do not handle the ludicrous in a very sensible manner! Good job, survival instincts! IT'S NOT LIKE ANY HARM COULD COME TO ME. OH WAIT.

But he wandered off eventually and I started drawing on the sidewalk instead. Oh, Saskatoon! Did you know that according to the census info released almost a year ago, we lead the country in violent crimes per capita? Thanks, Wikipedia.

Uhh, I've been watching the Megaman anime on Veoh. What is it with Japanese children's shows and cross-dressing? Although I guess that Bugs tends to go in for that quite a bit, too. It's just more slap-stick, whereas there's actual storyline reasons for Lan, Dex and Tory to dress up in skimpy outfits. James from Pokemon has no excuse, though! He pretty clearly just gets his kicks that way. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course! :U

Now, one of those topics from my list. Uh, 'I Can Buy Things!'

So it sank in the other day that I have a credit card- the internet is at my fingertips! I can't find certain games I want at any place in town... but Amazon.com has 'em! I am going to waste so much money on games and on manga and on ...well, that's really all I want. But that's enough! I mean, a full series could be lots lots lots of money. And I am cheeeeeap!

I'm totally failing at my vow to not buy any more games until I've finished the ones I've got, by the way. Oh well! NO REGRETS!

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AUGH HTML WHUT Oct. 28th, 2006 @ 05:22 am
Ohmanohmanohman am I excited or what for Final Fantasy XII? The trailer looks great, 'though I've got issues with the way that the clothing in these games keeps becoming less and less.
...Yes. I'm a sucker for even cliched stories like Final Fantasy. :D:D Can't wait.

Also, I finally got around to seeing the trailer for Super Smash Bros. Brawl and man does it look good, too!
Kid Icarus looks so spiffy! Also, Zero Suit Samus looks so cool. It says her gun is replaced with a whip, though... Not sure what to think of that.
Wario isn't cool enough to get a link, though. :< I dunno what they were thinking with him- but I could be wrong and it'll turn out he's awesome or something.

Love... on the battlefield? Oh Snake. Oh Otacon.

Oh man, I am totally abusing my newfound HTML knowledge! XD
EDIT: Haha, I just looked at the entry and it was all, 'YOU DID IT WRONG, BIZNATCH!' So I had to go fix all the HTML that I was abusing (like I said above). D'oh indeed.

Ah, and I neglected to mention that... dude from Kirby. This is because I don't remember much about him- I've only ever played one Kirby game, and it was a rental. :

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